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The sound is still great but thinking long term in Australia heat I think calyx m life span will decrease considering how hot it gets.It's winter here so it's okay now but things will be quiet different summer.
Yes it gets really warm. I think I might just send mine back, it's a nice DAP but don't want to compromise anymore.
I am just interested to hear what they have in plan, if any at all.
On a more related note the P1 is expected to be released by end of the months in Australia by minidisc. I hope they can have some amazing bundle deals. Looking forward to hearing how it compare against calyx m and ak120.
Pipe dream: will dita ever consider making a BA iem, or even better a CIEM? i hope their next product isn't too far away, cant wait to see how they are going to top their current flagship.
No this one is not RI, this one is only in one channel. 
Standard are relative, to each their own and if he does not hear the difference I guess he doesn't and he did the wise thing sticking to S9.
I notice a hint f distortion with the right channel on my low impedance xba-4. Anyone else has any low impedance gears to see if they experience th same issue ?
I think it is the world of compromise our hobby, at least for now. I am sure in 20-30 years things will look so different but right now we just got to give up on certain things.   For me a great sound was essential but than I needed an easy to navigate device with modest storage. M offers the last two and soundwise I will compromise by using the gears that pairs best with it and with the rest I need to use an amp for it.
I am now curious on whether I should send my AK120 for modification. Shipping batteries operated devices from Australia is pain, postage is also not cheap and the risk of me not liking is high. What I am trying to say is it be nice if a seller locally caries this modded version but I doubt anyone would want to carry a modded anything here or anywhere. 
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