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That is probably it. I think not all optical/digital out are the same. 
    Hard to judge but might impressive!
Have you figured out what is the source that you would pick for HUGO. I really do not trust my own judgment therefore I am ignoring the sonic different I hear using different connections I tried with HUGO therefore I like to get a second opinion from the people I trust. My finding shows me C4 coaxial out seems to be better than AK120 digital out and CCK and ipod. I do not understand why that is but out of all connection the CCK sounds the more digital out of them all (if...
Dita can come a little treble happy but it is only depends on the album. What keeps me happy is how the bass decays. It is the right speed and quantity.
Can you recommend me a setup for k3003?Thank you
"hey dude a wire is hanging out of your lunch box", "no that just my Hugo" Jokes aside I dig the retro look of the case. I would have love to see them develop some cables for their Hugo than anything else.
Got the k3003 and so far I see k3003 as no real challenge to dita truth. However more time is needed. If I could figure out a proper setup review format I love to do a comparative review of ie800, k3003, dita truth,ckr10 and ex-1000. I believe ckr10 is a great value and can really hold its ground.
Maybe I am been naive but i would assume the same way we improved over visual entertainment experience I am assuming with time we would want sound to improve as well. Lets than wish Sony all the best for taking on this risk.
When will we see walkman suitable cable/dac? With ipod classic gone and come back of walkman I think dac manufacturers should shift on focus towards walkman.
Bye bye classic, never got yo try it but had its two ealier siblings, one is still faithful after 7 years. Having said that apple is closely watching the pono project online store. You can be sure of 128 GB ipod touch in a near future.
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