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I guess the natural question is, can it best the STAX SR009? Than again SR009 requires a high end AMP and it is no way as portable as Utopia. 
I am missing my T8iE so much. I had a chance to borrow my friends unit, just so to see if I have to rethink on keeping the T8 despite my recent kerfuffle with the seller, I still do like the T8 a lot. I just have to wait and on the other hand I will not judge anyone who is not willing to be as patient as some of us here when it comes to T8. 
Finally a new flagship.
The W12 is work in progress, from what I am told construction is not easy so they are still figuring it out. 
That would be shure KSE1500 for IEM and for my portable a combination for three sources (Valoq, calyx  and LPG). However that isn't what I always listen to, but it would be the setup I happily retire with.  
lol, second post of this thread. Should have clarified :D
Darn I am in Australia, maybe next time. 
my review is up, enjoy!   EDIT: Please check the second post, as per request I have removed it from where it dont belong. 
That is precisely my issue with it, it is a realistic sound but reality isn't always perfect, hence bit of colouration is always ideal. Going from KSE to my other item fatigue and layering issues are the first thing I have to let my brain adjust too. 
I called up the shop I got my T8iE on Wednesday asking for an update. I was told that they will get an update by 48 hours and call me back. They never called me back, I was in the area so I thought I better call them up. Upon doing so I was told to expect a 2.5-3 months waiting as last time when they had to send a unit back for repair that is how long it took.   Funny when I was giving mine for repair, and when i told them about how this particular model seem to have a...
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