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Looking forward to hearing it for myself. i had to give it a try.
I am looking forward to portable amp form Cavali! I am having a very positive matching with wagnus and o2.
I should be getting my alien shozy this Friday, anyone want to share there view about shozy?
You guys must be patient, I still use the ipod nano for out doors. How do you guys operate a Hugo on the busy bus?
Not my lucky day, I wish just cannot justify paying the equivalent of TH900 and HD800 for LAB I, wish FAD provided us a more reasonable price for LAB 1 but that is FAD way.   It certainly will sound great and I am no one to put a price on sound but my tech part will look at the design and know it does not cost that much to make it. 
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cant believe how good FAD VI and M sound, cannot believe why I did not like it with the first listen. Thanks for brining this pairing to my attention cooperpwc!
I am working on LAB 1 deal.....wish me luck!
I've tested this and for my own case that was not the case. 
I wanted to get the shozy alien but the lack of screen got me a little worried. I wanted a slim DAP for work to have it in my pocket, lack of screen would have made navigation hard.
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