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Hugo II is a welcome addition, as far as the rest, I'll stay tuned for the next announcement, maybe Hugo iii in three years time?
I hope they price it right, market is way too croweded now days.
They surely aced the comfort and I like how the bass decays. It certainly is little on bass heavy side but no way is it bloated and over bearing . I say big congrats to Sony and I hope I get to try the LS400 one day ( I am a closet AT fanboy)
To me Mojo wasn't what the hype made it to be. Tonality Hugo was better for me. I watch with a healthy level of skepticism.
Will your flagship iLCD3 be available for demo?
Yes it can
I started listening to my Dita Truth after 6 months of abstinence. It took me less than 10 second to remember why I love them so much. With that said I will certainly purchase the Dream, and I know the price wouldnt be cheap but listening to Dita Truth the idea of how 'The Dream' will sound becomes an impossibility to imagine and a encounter to look forward to. 
Very different, SW01 is more treble happy. I havent listened to SW01 for a while but that is the impression I have from it. I am hoping to have a desktop setup for it. I can A/B it tomorrow if you like but I can promise they sound more different than similar. 
For the fun of it I have started converting some files to DSD256 and uploaded to 1A. If you guys have time please try to do and report back if you guys interested. 
I was afraid someone would say that.
New Posts  All Forums: