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I have left my device on non-stop since last Saturday, the sound has calm down and it is not as energetic and it is more laid back. I will let it burn in more, it is settling down nicely. 
I cannot pinpoint it but paired with hd600 I like it just a little more.But I think this weekend I will be ordering the classic.I also love to see a quickstep ff too
It might be a silly idea but I would love to see a corda Jazz in a portable format. I listed to it and I liked it a little more than classic. The new ff mod has got my attention once more. I am still deciding, honestly Meier Audio amp are no brainer and they sale a lot less than what they can sale for.
I haven't checked the chart yet and to be honest don't know who the reviewer is so not familiar with his bass tolerance.Looking forward to hearing it.
Any recommendations on how do you want us to take the ear impressions?
I think ultimately is comes down to whether the end users like the forward vocal. For me this is an issue, Shanling has a bit of work to do but it does so many other things right that I can use with no problem such as optical out, stand alone amp and a very good lineout which pairs great with warmer laid back amps.
The lack of bass is not a problem for me as i think it is intentionally tuned this way to allow for a more prolonged bass decay.
Looking forward to it, any idea on the price?
I just paired M3 with chord HUGO using it as an optical source. It appears M3 downsamples DSD to 24/88.2. 
I had a listen today with the m3 as a stand alone amp feeding my Lotoo PAW Gold. I can say with confidence the amps section of the M3 is top quality, so to me the issue that I am experiencing is perhaps just me not been accustom to the voicing of M3. It is truly unfair for the reviewers to ignore all this features that M3 offers.    We have the ability to isolate the amp section and compare it by itself and I did it and it shined.    I just plugged in a 128 GB microSD...
New Posts  All Forums: