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I decided to keep them. I had a few listening last night and the sound is certainly a welcome addition. From memory I prefer the HD800 but I never had the chance to A/B the both and most importantly that HD800 was connected to a 5K dac/amp which certainly helped things. I might be able to get the entire setup organised by end of next year but it is something to look forward too. I think it will stop me getting distracted and just focus on the rest of next year.
It is safe to say once I came back home buyers remorse and worst dealing with explaining on why I just purchased another headphone just a day after I paid off my credit card kicked in. Part of the reason why I avoided the HD800 was how much they scaled up or better say how much they need to sound their best.I am just googling on various amp for HD800s, part of me wants to return it and leave the dark side but the other part knows I want to stay in the dark side. 
So I guess I am a new owner of a HD800s, just went out to buy a power bank and walked out getting a HD800s, problem is well I have no desktop gears, nothing worthy of HD800. 
This is also what is my view. The issue with mk2 is mmcx which I have noticed oddly been fixed after usage.
The best pairing I have found so far with valoq is my InEar Stagediver SD2s. I highly recommend this iem, to me it even best the much higher price IEM when it comes to pairing with valoq. 
The Linum product are also worth checking out but the best cable are the crystal cable upgrade. I am not ready to spend that kind of money yet on a cable.
I came across this amp, which is still in not yet fully completed. Bakoon is a Korean company with two different branch. They two company while sharing the same name produce two different product, which follows the same SATRI design but somehow the two sound quiet different.   Source:   http://blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=2391478&logNo=220796567268&redirect=Dlog                      
Knock on wood my last replacement is good, mmcx is still loss but I am told it is to ensure it isn't to tight to reduce wear. I will enjoy them but I just cannot simply be an open endorser of this particular model, I just can't risk it.
Why not try using KORG Nutube?
After hearing the first pizoelectrical hybrid, the TWF41, I personally have a lot of faith in the CL1. 
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