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Well that doesn't really make sense, I doubt chord will discontinue making HUGO anytime soon. HUGO is going through the same phase ibasso DX50 went. It is selling like hot cake now but eventually things will stabilize. I am not really excited to see what chord is going to come up next in order to improve on HUGO! Now that is something to be excited about, but regarding the worrying about not been able to find HUGO in the future I think that is a little too dramatic.
Well since you are a college student I think sticking with K3003 and finding better tips (comply tip) is a better alternative. Non of the product you have mentioned will go away and the wise thing to do is wait and let the market settle. I personally would think getting a HUGO for K3003 is perhaps an over-kill. I think it is much wiser to first try your K3003 with HUGO before selling it, there is no point on going on about things based on assumption. Last thing you want is...
Can anyone conform some 1 meter toslink cable that fits with chord HUGO?   I was thinking of getting the chord company cable but I think it might be too big. I like sysconcept cable but I like to try my like locally first. 
I still got to make up my mind on TH900 and HUGO combo. It sounds is nice but there is nothing there that capture ones attention right away that is normally a good thing as there is nothing really out of balance. 
I think K3003 will be much more portable and college friendly. HD800 is not going to be something you can take with you to college for your study sesssions at university library.  Having said that they are both too different. With the output impedance of 0.075 ohm of HUGO you shouldnt worry about HUGO not been a suitable match for HUGO. Having said that if you can sell your K3003 for a decent price HD800 is a much better value for ones money.  So at the end it comes down...
But you did not get the AK240 for its optical out right? 
So that can only mean the amp section actually does something to the analog signal of the DAC chip of ZX-1. 
I think Coaxial out provides a much better connection than optical. Conventional optical connection all seem quiet weak compared to the coaxial RCA. Also optical out performance can change if the cable is bend or connection is placed under stress.     DX90 seems like a solid gear as it both seems to sound good and also provide a great digital out.   We just need to wait and see how well implemented the digital out of the DX90 is.
Yes I have no problem with amping the ZX-1 but I was just thinking perhaps feeding the amp with the ZX-1 headphone out might give a better sound due to the capa used on the amp section.  I hope to check out the ZX-1 in more depth once it is released here next month.
But isn't the amp section of ZX-1 ideally better sounding than the line out? The only reason why most folks used LOD for other devices was because their amp section was just poorly implemented.   Is the SQ difference that much on ZX-1 lineout versus the headphone out?
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