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If V5 sales for 500 USD it would be an ideal price, going based on CDM performance that is. 
It plays PCM natively but not DSD. Here is a little secret, all those other daps that claim they do DSD natively don't really do it. Almost everything in the market that claims native DSD aren't natively playing it, there is always some sort of conversions. At least onkyo is honest about it. On the other hand I happily use onkyo as a source for my DSD files to my other dac. 
Yep that is correct.
WA8 has the same tonality my calyx M but less coloured. CDM could not touch the WA8 in amp mode. I couldn't check the DAC but darn if they had stock I would buy it on the spot. The best pairing that I had today was with k3003. I had with me the ck100pro, ex1000 and k3003. K3003 scaled up more than the other two, ck100pro brightness was tamed however ex1000 pairing didn't more me. Now I am back to doing my research
Going for a final audition. My dream is to purchase the ATH HA5050 but WA8 is equally capable. I don't have my Hugo with me this time so I am going in with the intention to try to listen to the WA8 in the worst way possible using my iPhone .
Sadly yes, they never promptly or properly reply to their customers emails.
I love my calyx m so much that I am thinking of selling my onkyo dpx1 to get a backup. Calyx had made a great sounding product , I just don't get they don't want to develop another dap based on M.
Reserve for possible updates. 
Recently after reading about Aroma A10 review written by ClieOS I decided to research more about the Aroma audio. I ended up finding a shop in Hong Kong who sales them, but sadly I believe currently they are only selling for the local market. The shop keeper kindly forwarded my interest to the Aroma audio. This thread is going to be just an introduction about the future upcoming IEM from them. Possible review about there IEM depending on my budget circumstances.   Aroma...
Dont be too concerned on the internal memory in the days where 256 GB microSD is about to be released for a starting price of 256 USD and we all know it is matter of time for it to drop well below 100 USD. I did clone the memory card and loaded it on a larger card, results were that the larger card was partition into a smaller 8 GB without the remaining section showing. Also on two occasion where I upgraded the FW the internal memory was wiped out, which make me realise it...
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