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all files that are processed by denon are up sampled using AL32 algorithm .
My guess might be perhaps the cardas A8. I havent tried it but that is the only positive option I have noticed in the market. If the cardas EM5813 was built better and perhaps had a little more present high I would happily stick with that, to me it shares the same bass and mid as T8iE. The sound of T8iE is the reason why I have focused on T8iE upgrade. I was in middle of finding a custom cable for T8iE that the driver just died while I was wearing it. 
Mojo is really aiming for low impedance portable IEM and with those it shines, with all my headphone the result is lacking. They get pretty loud but loudness isn't any concern. 
No, as I dont get the same issue with hugo and all my IEM paired with Mojo. 
I noticed certain things that I dislike when I pair mojo with headphones like the hd600. the sound is plenty loud but it feels like the sound produced is sucked in and collapsed, not dynamic at all.
It appears that the numbering system changes in each country, for Australia the barcode starts with EE, unless I am looking at the wrong section. Thanks for the information, it really helps.
Just when I thought I am glad my unit is not from the faulty batch my right driver died, after developing a flex, the same side that exhibited electrical shock.   I guess time to send them back. 
That's a classic, nice find.
are you using neplayer app by any chance?
Honestly that is something I would gladly take out and about using my phone, it is actually portable. I hope all works out well and they do go ahead with it all.
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