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^I am happy to do the hard work of testing those claims, for free :D 
Lack of dynamic playlist creation, how albums art are displayed when browsing not fully utilising the entire screen. I am a great fan of NePlayer and to me that is a great example of how a perfect UI is. 
sadly not anymore.
Anyone knows who can mod my Ie800 with 2.5mm trrs? Many thanks.
I waited and waited for the onkyo to release a new app to improve UI but it seems like it is not happening. That and the fact that it is too large to take on my daily commute in the span of the short time I have bought it I only used it for less than 80 hours. . No matter how good it sound I have much better sounding DAP with the same poor UI. I dont really want another dap that I am forced to use folders to navigate, hence why I am selling it.
I am thinking of selling my dpx1 with dignis case. Interested to sale to local first, I am in Australia. Buyers must have previous selling history on head-fi. Sorry for going off topic, I havent posted the classified yet. 
As a quiet and happy owner of first generation Savant, is there any different in the new generation savant? I did use the search option but nothing came up, thanks :D
Calyx M: Warmer and more dynamic. DP-X1: More detailed and USB connection is more stable than AK70. Feels more dynamic and more powerfulAK70: Balanced out sounds more neutral than both. For its size has enough of everything to keep me engaged. More portable than all those two, best UI than both both. Sorry I do not own X5 and it has been long since I tried one. For anyone who wants to get the AK70 bare in mine its best performance comes using 2.5mm balanced out, so you...
I've ordered the spinfit tip. During winter my ear tend to have issues with universal fits. I hope this allows me to use kse more often.
I gave the balance out of AK70 more listening and I can say with confidence that is considerably better than the single ended out put. AK70 single out is just average to border line poor. It appears that perhaps when it came to AK70 more focus was put into maximising performance from balance out than line out. Looking forward to @shigzeo measurement to shine some light on this theory of mine.
New Posts  All Forums: