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If there is any known issue please let me know, I am compiling any bugs and report them as often as I can to their R&D team. Can't say I have much to say but they have conformed they have gotten the bugs I reported perviously but did not provide me any eta on when they might fix it.
I am still thinking of my first custom, this post just pushed me this much closer to getting the 335 DW :(
Well it is bound to happen, we all know, it is matter of time.  I am guessing the next DAP is an ESS based DAP. If they are smart they should focus on  using FPGA based DAP (that would be the world first)
would you think it is possible to have a hardware switch to change the filter setting on the fly?
The box that mine came in looked like it could survive a lot of abuse. I kept it just in case I ever need to send it back for whatever reasons. Mine came direct from Lotoo so can't tell how it will be coming from their resellers.   Going back to Lotoo DSD vs PCM I don't know what filter setting they used for their DSD but it works and it works really fine. It would have been nice to have a dap with few different filter setting (something that mezzo soparano did with the...
non what so ever, I tried contacting all of them but non replied back.
The few Japanese DIY'ers I follow have this as their main iem, those individual have tested all the gear out there. The housing is quiet large but I believe there is a reason for it, ckr10 tends to have certain peaks that at time can give me fatigue but still worth it.
It is wav file so ready for your Tera
No I haven't, I cannot find where to buy one, I love to give it a try. O2 amps are cheap and can be placed in one larger case relatively easily.
PAW owner download and listen to this and thank me later :D   source:   This just show how much information PAW is capable of extracting. 
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