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Calyx M is still a kickass product. All the cowon and AK hasn't convinced me enough to depart from it. The m in calyx M truly stands for musicality. 
I had a very similar experience with t8ie when I paired with chord hugo, to this day I cant figure out why this pairing doesnt work. 
If portability is a factor ak70 is a true winner hands down. I am not a fan of AK but this one model they got it right.
Considering it is a high end electrostatic rig I think it is quiet portable but to me KSE1500 paired with anything is in the realm of transportable. Portable is something that you can put in ones pocket and require nothing else but that. That is my definition of portable. 
A bit of update with AK70 pairing with various IEM, I really do enjoy the pairing with ATH IM04 and IE800.    Every time I listen to the IE800 I am amazed on how wide it is. I wish it just had a better fit and there was a cheap way I could try it on balance format.
That is customer service right there.
I just cant believe it can happen to me twice in a raw. 
RIP my left side MMCX connection. 
Darn, don't really want to go thru this returning again.
A question for the MKII owners how loss are your mmcx connection, mine rotates so freely.
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