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I dont like NOVA, I honestly Am trying but I cant seem to enjoy it. There is something off about the sound. 
I forgot to add, I know of two 13xxx owners whose unit are still continue to be functional. However I dont think they put the same hours as we do in terms of testing there unit. I had my unit plugged in for a logged time of 623 hours. Here are the issues I had with my unit:   Poor stock cable: I noticed MMCX issue on early weeks where the sound was periodically cut off. I changed the cable and problem solved.  Got shocked while charging my unit: I tend to keep my new...
I do not think the will discontinue it, it is a capable IEM. Unless what they accomplished theoretically cannot be practically implemented, in that case they probably discontinue it. Let just see if AK will make an announcement regarding this current set of circumstances. 
I guess the natural question is, can it best the STAX SR009? Than again SR009 requires a high end AMP and it is no way as portable as Utopia. 
I am missing my T8iE so much. I had a chance to borrow my friends unit, just so to see if I have to rethink on keeping the T8 despite my recent kerfuffle with the seller, I still do like the T8 a lot. I just have to wait and on the other hand I will not judge anyone who is not willing to be as patient as some of us here when it comes to T8. 
Finally a new flagship.
The W12 is work in progress, from what I am told construction is not easy so they are still figuring it out. 
That would be shure KSE1500 for IEM and for my portable a combination for three sources (Valoq, calyx  and LPG). However that isn't what I always listen to, but it would be the setup I happily retire with.  
lol, second post of this thread. Should have clarified :D
Darn I am in Australia, maybe next time. 
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