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I've passed the 200 hour mark on the single ended side. However a trusted member of trade who owns the z1 said he heard audible changes up till 400 hour. He is an ex Sony headphone engineer who now happily sell tea and his own IEM .
Small camera bag can help too, reminds me of minidisc/ disc man era.
I find higher currents devices seem to drive the fw01 better than higher voltage. The aux7 drives the fw01 far better than lpg.
Is there any benefit in using trrs for the 3.5 mm plug?
I hope i get mine soon, they are heavily sold out. 
So after doing bit of reading and watching unboxing of the new walkman model I notice that models sold in Japan comes with dust port for the headphone and WM-port but the overseas models dont. That is a bit of a let down and Sony should have not taken the cheap route for the overseas releases. 
I have my eyes on this case makerhttps://twitter.com/flubber777/status/795561207939768321
Looks amazing but give me a screen shield, like sonys own offical case. 
If IE800 had better fit, if man for me it would have been more than enough. 
UPDATE: I haver over 30 hours of burn in on the FW01. Now that I have more time with the 01 here are some notes: It requires amps/sources which aren't warm sounding. Pairing it with something like Calyx M/AK120 the bass can be overly lush and long term can be fatiguing.  It certainly benefits certain genera of music genre over another. Modern music can be overly bass heavy and just sound congested at time. Trance and fast passed music can sometimes overwhelm the driver...
New Posts  All Forums: