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In regard to hissing past experience tells me that it might be usb port on your laptop that is causing it.
Where can we order this?
Looking forward to hearing it for myself. i had to give it a try.
I am looking forward to portable amp form Cavali! I am having a very positive matching with wagnus and o2.
I should be getting my alien shozy this Friday, anyone want to share there view about shozy?
You guys must be patient, I still use the ipod nano for out doors. How do you guys operate a Hugo on the busy bus?
Not my lucky day, I wish just cannot justify paying the equivalent of TH900 and HD800 for LAB I, wish FAD provided us a more reasonable price for LAB 1 but that is FAD way.   It certainly will sound great and I am no one to put a price on sound but my tech part will look at the design and know it does not cost that much to make it. 
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cant believe how good FAD VI and M sound, cannot believe why I did not like it with the first listen. Thanks for brining this pairing to my attention cooperpwc!
I am working on LAB 1 deal.....wish me luck!
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