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Well Bakoon HPA-01 be suitable for IEM users? I am planning to pair it with HUGO.
Bose and Beats the two products head-fi could not care less about, let them fight, they both made enough money for little good reason. Truth be told bose on ear got me into this hobby which made me buy the ER4S and realise what treble was all about.
I was very frustrated at one point where I was trying to transfer files to it and right after I plugged in the dita IEM that added to my frustration and I was ready to send it back. But glad I did not. The UI and the sound plus that great SD slot makes it a good deal. I am just waiting for their resistor fix and perhaps more fine tuning to get at least 1 more hour of battery.  i am willing to live with 6 hours of battery life. 
Sounds similar to SE846.....need to try them I guess. 
Today I thought to do the following test using the ATH-CKR10 which I believe is a great value for its price. On one end I had Hugo+AK120 while on the other end I had the M on its own set on high impedance setting. I like M more, I really did. Maybe it is because I had spend all this time with M while I left my HUGO aside to test whether it is leaking battery (which it did not).   I do not know what that test means but that is how i feel right now based on that one IEM...
My bad, I meant to say universal IEM will be ER4S with a good seal it has great bass detail and if the bass sounds good on those it will sound great on loud speakers. It will struggle on those busy detail section but it is really a single IEM and I personally enjoy for trance work like the search for sunrise series. I have read a few people produce live using the Custom IEM UERM made by ultimate ears.  So UIEM stands for Universal in ear monitor which requires basically...
I hope people with more experience in actual music production experience can produce some helpful comment but speaking based on an enthusiast who is after a setup that mimics a recording engineering studio my finding tells me that amp to go to is Phonitor amp and the UIEM to go to is ER4S and the CIEM to go to is UERM.    I do not quiet understand this part "Listening and producing music that's suppose to be listened to loud (ie. electronic music in clubs) at low volume...
^I am guessing that had to do with needing more space for the circutary  needed for those switches. 
I am getting my impression done for this. 
I will try it tonight.
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