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It seems to not like anything below 10 ohm. Has anyone measured its output impedance?
they are offering a free fix, they will soon ship the plug in adapter to their distributor who than will ship to the customers who has purchased the unit.
Should have said preview. There are closed facebook groups where people had a chance to compare the two. I will soon make my own review, it js matter finding time to go to the show room
Just moments ago, sadly loud distortion from both channel.
Spend the weekend with Ak120 and chord HUGO and I realised why all those people who asked for a digital out from Calyx M meant, truly with the UI of calyx M and the ability to play DSD and hi-res standard and than feeding it to HUGO and easily loading files on the fast SD card would have been great.   As is the only options are AK240 which cost a lot and Cowon P1 which on its own sounds not quiet on Clayx M level.(based on the reviews)   As I said before Calyx M tend...
I like to sale it some day when I find my sound, too much gear can be distracting at times and can take away from just listening to music. I am getting really close, probably just an amp and my main gear is done.   The cable and the rest can be done slowly. 
I'll wait this one out. Not even wagnus could improve on chord Hugo......but define improve?
Dita is truly has left a very positive impression on me. It is rarely the case with most gears I get.  Also I dislike selling stuff as I tend to wonder "how it would have paired with x,y". I rarely use most gears I own, bad habits and one day I will sale most of them.   Might help some folks.
I had more time to spend with K3003 and dita truth. My findings are as follow:   Setup: AK120-->Stock mini-toslink--> HUGO-->K3003/Dita Truth plus various amps.   AKG K3003 vs Dita truth: To begin with darn K3003 is so picky on what it likes to be paired with. It was not go with clayx M due to bad distortion that is suspected to be caused by clayx M (my other finding with some other 8 ohm IEM tells me this).   It had a nice warm sound with Ak120 but highs seem to be...
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