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I for one looking to read your thoughts on Lotoo PAW Gold. There is no one on this forum who currently has access to both RWAK240 and Lotoo PAW Gold. 
How did you manage to do this? 
I need to look into this as I don't use playlist. Do you have any particular type in mind?HF doesn't alow me to upload?When did you purchase your unit?
Original email  Translation and my own commentaroy in bald
Please don't forget to include some iem in the mix of your testing. Hopefully the final price I'd cheaper than what was stated before.
I will update you guys as soon as I get home. Got the email and was too excited not to share the news.Last day of work, last day of doing 16 hour shift. Almost there.....
New firmware should be out officially this weekend.
When can we purchase the Angie IEM?
Any news of their just ear ciem?
This is why I am still fearful of going through third party ways of ordering a fitear CIEM, I stick to Universal IEM for now, maybe one day I get to hear the fitear IEM in custom format. 
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