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I think we all want good sound, regardless of whether we are your average head-fi member or your earpod loving iphone user. I think it would be hard to find anyone who doesn't want to experience their favourite music in a more pleasing way. Now the issue comes on how we decide what that is, and like all other cases there can never be a truly universal conclusion. However I do think there can be a set of standard that will please a wider population than the very niche of...
My first argument: Sadly there are a lot of ambiguity when it comes to after market cable. I've been testing out cable seriously for the past 1 year and I do admit while there are difference between each brand I say with confidence that I don't like my chances passing blind test. Going back to the ambiguity for example there are many companies who use UPOCC cables for their IEM design but the source of the cable they use is all the same. That is only three cable...
How is the rosenkranz stickers, I can't understand how they function/help. Can you please share more on those please, many thanks. 
I think there will be huge fixes and more feature to be released. Onkyo is trying to make your phones to be the key control component. Imagine browsing your net and having your phone to control the sound of your DAP without needing to take it out or carry a limited function BT remote.  Onkyo Dap Controller is going to be a strong partner with the dp-s1.
This is great news for cable enthusiast, just to clarify a few things does this mean you guys are manufacturing your own cables material? I believe in proper braiding and cable geometry, which does play a part in improving the sound however for clarification purposes it would be good to know who is the source of your OCC cables. 
In my opinion FW01 is too warm to begin with, Mojo just adds more warmth. 
From the looks of it the Pioneer dap scales up alot once balance is used whereas DP-S1 is rather the same. Both model are selling alot, early adapters who also have the AK70 commented that the sound is better however UI is where it truly lacks and many are hoping the future FW fix that.   My guess is if Onkyo can fix the UI this thing will be the hit of the year. I always wanted a DAP that is the size of AK120 and plays everything. Valoq came close however short battery...
For me hugo was an eye opener, mojo a great market changer for the "masses" but wasn't foe me. Hugo II doesn't excite me, it is still long way away from the actual tap number that Mr Watt wants it to be and having owned hugo for a while I know that for now I won't get involved too much into focusing too much on Tap numbers. I found my HUGO paired with the wrong item to lack dynamic and emotions. I wait for the next hugo where it's performance comes close to Dave.
I'm hoping to order one of their IEM soon, hopefully soon. 
Amazon japan has 6 more unit of dps1 left. I just purchased mine shipped to Australia 500 AUD all together.   
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