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Couldn't resist, had to plug in the er4s. What a great night it has been, calyx can power them , the pairing is also great. I can sleep as a happy man ! I have spend most time with dita and im04, roughly 3 hours combined, an hour with ie800, 30 min with t5p, and hour with e-q8, half with ck100pro. I honestly think I might be putting Hugo and ak120 up for sale.
For me the main issue is the silicon tip. It's too stiff. Sony has got the silicon mixture perfect.If you can get your hand on the ie800 do give it a try.On the negative side I had a poor pairing with es10 and ck100pro. Tomorrow I will try er4s, the living legend.
the playlist is certainly a cool feature, however organising and syncing playlist on PC is much easier . I don't use playlist that much but I need to see if syncing playlist from computer to calyx is possible or not.
IE800 is another 10/10 pairing. Never like IE800 with anything but it works with the M.
It will give you alphabetical structure for albums if they are tagged correctly. A simple edit with mp3tagger will do the job which takes no time.   Honestly unless you are a WAV fanatic and refuse to use flac this will give you no headache unless all your files are tagged incorrectly.   As far as shuffle that is where I have a problem, I cannot use shuffle successfully when I in track list, I must create a playlist which is easy but sometimes I like to just use...
With all due respect I disagree, this world cup shows that the game is changing, it is not longer the traditional top 10 teams that are going to be the team we see in the later stages of the game, this world cup shows on international level things are changing, games are becoming more competitive, this worldcup was overall a very interesting one.  Changes are coming.
It will get iron out, I am certain the calyx folks will give it all they got to get this DAP working and running, they just spend too much. On the other hand the sound is really not that bad, it lacks the refinement hugo has but the overall signature can work, its relatively thinner sound can be less fatiguing for some. 
just regular flac. I was playing a 24/88.2 file and decided to change the album and it didnt feel like it, the think has a mind of its own :D  this thing is playing trick with my mind, same track sounds thin at one instance, and when I listen the second time it sounds is right? All I do is just play it again. I think it is my brain playing trick on me. 
Sometimes the device is refusing to play the file, it simply crashes. Ignoring the sound the M feels like a stripped down early aplpha tablet that we would saw back in the time Archos was something. 
Just to be a friend to your wallet here is a something form fitear famous Mr Suyama, he ranks the following daps as follow :AK240>AK120II>AP100>M. He used his own CIEM for this test. 
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