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I have had the HD DAC 1 for a while. As much as I enjoy it (it is my only desktop unit) I am not into desktop that much and I only listen to headphone once a week. In large I am very satisfied with DAC1 but than I tried HQplayer and DSD128 upsampling. In short I cant get enough!   I highly encourage you guys to try DSD upsampling of HDplayer. I am still learning and the music file I listen to arent mine as I am using my friends laptop as I dont have a HQplayer yet, but I...
AK got back to me, they do not sale spare part, period. If there is issue with parts and it is under warranty return it, else basically suck it up folks (they suggested using Comply tips, doesnt help me since I dont like comply tips).
You have to sync them again so the tempo detail are sent to the device.
Local orders are backlogged indefinitely. First 5 unit sold within first hour. They can't get enough of it. WM1A is basically sold more that what Sony Australia assumed it will sale within the first quarter of release. Good for them!
It had it burning somewhere in my room and I sort of forgot about it ever since I got my balance cable. I am the sort of guy who will not enjoy the gear till all things around it is sorted. Plan is to let it keep burning till I have a respectable after market cable in my hand. So for now I am just letting it run to eliminate any chances of device not been fully burned in once my good cable arrives. 
I am over the 1000 hour, not to brag :D 570 hours single ended and will keep on burning in the balance till I hit the 1000 hour.
Well same issue with mine and also for me the jacket on the connector came loss.
Try the hum pristine cable, not all copper cable are the same.
The one Sony sales, they sourced kimber to make them.
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