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I bought my ie800 from them, they are legit but still a grey seller.
The removable cable option will be their dream IEM series which is as name is to be what they always dream of a sound coming from an IEM. As is they really see no point is tweaking and selling the same IEM just with a removable cable. Their cable failure rate is so low that they see no point. Out of my group of friends, who all own and use their dita on weekly basis none had any issues. 
Well I am out .
The IEM is slightly tweaked with a different cable. Once I have more information I will update you guys.
If all goes well I will be getting the dp100 and the new IEM, comes down to the price I want them for. I can never say no to a good deal. If the IEM is out of my budget I will get the dap alone and report back. Love my daps, I am down one after selling my shanling M3.
How do you organize your files, teach me please :D
From a PNG to a Sandisk. Perhaps what made the difference is the SD card speed, I dont know what the speed of the other card is.Here is the model I got: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1082351-REG/sandisk_sdsdxp_256g_a46_256gb_extreme_pro_uhs_i.html
I swapped my SD card to a later model same storage capacity and the boot time just improve drastically. From 5 second I am down to 2 second and file browsing speed improve.  Consider me a believer now in getting good quality cards. In case of LPG it makes a difference. I havent listen for sound changes, and truth be told I will not do so as there is no way I can objectively do so.
Reading about the performance of the 1Z it does maker me wonder whether with the extra real estate within the TA-ZH1ES what extra performance they were able to extract from their DSEE algorithm.   My mentality is to start with ZH1ES and eventually go with A1 to complete the family. 
If I ever do go for 512 wav it would be all wave, but honestly who is going to go through that headache? Give me lotoo sound with walkman UI and hell I would load it with 1TB easily, that would be my entire library but as is 256 is max I need purely due to UI.
New Posts  All Forums: