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So got some information regarding the price. Since this IEM is due to make it to the Japan audio community first there current price is 125,000 JPY for Pro and 92,000 JPY for the S model, both excluding sale taxes. That translates to 1135 and 835 USD respectively. 
I loved this combo till my s-em6 died, for the second time I tried it, loved it and once again short lived.
I didn't ask, now that I think about it I should have. I will wait two weeks and than I will call my seller and check the progress.
I just want to take the moment and thank you for all your help for fellow T8iE users. All your hard work will benefit us and any potential users. 
I didn't like the Tinsel on my IQ, make it sibilant, but it could explain why it would pair nicely with T8iE. I am told ALO new Litz cable is something to look-out for. It comes with the new NOVA mass-drop order. I will report back and see how it is once I get it. 
When I get the call to pickup my T8iE replacement I will listen again. From memory when I had my IE800 with me I thought Ie800 and lyra were too alike for me to have both. Fitwise no doubt Lyra wins but they came across as too similar for me.I do really hope you get to listen to T8iE, it is a very engaging dynamic driver IEM that does not lack much and has no sibilance. A must try for any DD fan. I honestly cant wait to hear your thoughts on it considering your level of...
Lyra more bassy, imo.
Honestly no, international prices arent set. 
No I did not buy it, they have sent me a loaner which I will try first and review and if I like perhaps buy. One of them is a hybrid (the Pro) and the other is purely a BA type IEM (the S version). Please check the information in the first post regarding the driver number. 
Happy to report the two IEM has been shipped to me. I will updat my impression on this loaner samples.
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