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Darn this thing sounds good, don't know how long more I can hold back.
I am a little disappointed on the lack of MicroSD cover.
it comes down to preference, I like both calyx m and lotoo paw gold.
I don't have it. My advice is you must hear it for yourself. I know you have been after a dap for a long time and you are a little picky so making a recommendations to you can be hard
Congratulations on your new purchase. I am sure it will provide you many hours of pleasures. Currently I am working on my gear synergy, if you find any good please report back.
Tomorrow I will be taking the Lotoo PAW Gold and CK100Pro and post back later my final thoughts. So far I know it is too large for me to take anywhere and as an amp the battery life will not be enough for me to take on all day outing but as I said before this is not really designed for that.   My ideal amp is something that offers a 1:1 battery life with its source. I just cannot get over the price and as much as I value good sound I still believe price plays a factor...
The reason why I do not mind the just ear price is that from the looks of it all orders prior placement must be checked by Matsuo BanMasaru and he also requires you to come back and see him after one month of usage for any final adjustment. I dont think we ever get to deal with the engineer who makes the product in such level.    If I was in Japan I would order this in a heart-beat. To me a dynamic driver has alot to offer that no balance armature can offer. 
Every time I hear them I wonder why I don't own one, this just takes me one more step forward. Thanks.
Indeed, LPG has that nice sound, all my files are indeed ripped correctly but sometimes I like to look for a particular song and I honestly get blank moments on who the artist was and what album, calyx M i simply search for it and it comes up straight away, I can see myself happy with calyx M and LPG but if I was to be truly honest they are both too large and heavy to carry in my front shirt pocket for daily commuting in Sydney. I have been eye balling the new AK Jr.
New Posts  All Forums: