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Calyx M+EX-1000: Outstanding detail retrievement, clarity that is on league of its own. The sound is so open that it hard to believe it is from an IEM. I am still listening for those nasty traditional peak of EX-1000, so far they are not as pronounce but need to spend more time to remember them. Either the pairing works or I have forgotten how they were (or maybe I am just getting old and less sensitive to high notes?)
Believe me it is much more sweat when you take your time and save for a thing, and it is much more joyful when it ends up been what you want. 
must be a DIY project he is working on :-P
I am just loading all the music I know I will always want on the internal memory and leave 4 GB free, I am truly thankful of SD card.
Tell you what it is a pain transfering files from mac to M, its keeps on disconnecting. 
I expereinced adding quickstep can be a downgrade for me. Maybe it is in my head but quiet pleased on how well headphone out of M can be with the right setup (anything greater than 16 ohm)
A bit of a random question but can I power the HE560 with my wagnus amp?
np here, did not took that long at all, max maybe 4 minutes?
I think we should start posting pictures of our setup soon, I was this close to send mine back for a refund but the sound kept me, once again the sound had the final say. 
New firmware is out   Proper link added
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