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I promise I will answer tomorrow, i need to listen to the Kaede again, I to this day cannot figure out their signature. They are truly transparent, they produce good music when the music is good.  I better sleep now, its midnight here, will reply back tomorrow :)
I had a chance to test out the cystal cable again, darn it is a good cable. It tames the thing I wanted to tame on T8iE but cant swallow the price tag, I am not that crazy yet to spend 1K on a cable. 
As per Rob Watts suggestion never upsample anything, leave things as is as Mojo does its own upsampling internally. 
I just cannot put this pairing down!  PSB M4U4 and shozy Alien Gold. The biggest offender of the M4U4 are the stock tip. Get yourself a small spinfit and burn it for 20 hours and they sound great! Enough of everything there.  
I have to say ever since calyx M I have faith in Sabre DAC, it is just the people who implement them seem to tune them differently. To me calyx M brought the best out of 9018. It is because of them I am looking into a new exciting product which is partially based on 9018, the WMP-D2.  With PG I enjoy using Kaede II however I do have other favourites but whenever I get asked about PG favourite pairing for some reason kaedee II always comes in my mind right away. Lately I am...
Thanks, it took me long time to get here. I fortunately have no problems like that with Onkyo however my main problem is as a stand alone dap it sound is lacking the qualities I seek in sound. I will sound one of those guys by saying it sound digital to me, it is just not moving me at all. I knew what I was getting myself into, this is why I never took interest in it till I release how much of a kick ass source it is. Pairs flawlessly with all Dac I pair it with.
Please visit the Waversa systems boot, I am currently in middle of writing an introduction thread for them. I am really interesting in hearing how their WMP-D2 sound like. 
Did you guys noticed any other improvement after burnin?
I am hoping to do so in the course of next week or so. So far I prefer mojo. 
Onkyo has one amazing usb out.
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