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I personally have not tried the DA300USB but if you look at my list of products (the one I use the most I have on my profile) I use Denon DA-10 more than my HUGO or my wagnus amp or the portaphile 627x. If the volume had better channel balance at lower listening volume this product is what I would consider perfect for those who like to use apple or CCK. Sure it lacks optical which I would have loved to see but there is no doubt in my mind in future this thing will drop...
I hope he is well, his blog is death. We need more people like him, I tend to go crazy time to time in this subjective world and let the placebo do the talking but yea I am human after all.
Rin did you ever got the chance to measure the ck100pro?
wow sony has a CIEM daughter company now called Just Ear!  
I got mine from pricejapan as I could not get any answer from when it was going to be made available locally. With all the fees I paid 512 AUD which is taking into account a 4000 Yen and the weaker Australian dollar. Am I happy to possibly paying more than what it can be when it is available locally? No as I know I will have many hours of listening with it.
Thanks for the video I tried the clear Bass eq while having everything else set as flat. Yes it adds a nice warmth to it that will help those who said their A15 sounds flat.
I think Denon DA-10 is going to be leave you quiet pleasant if you like natural/warm sound. As a USB DSD DAC/amp this thing does one incredibly good job, no complains when I had it compared to HUGO. The micro details are there but it simply presents it differently. 
I had a good week worth of hand on experience with rocket and I can say with confidence at their selling pricing they are of great value. However, yes however the sound is not as detailed as it is from EX-1000 than again few iems are.
Darn it, I thought the A15 can handle digital out. Unless sony has only enabled that feature for its own DAC/amp? I hope that is not the case as this thing is what I always wanted from sony. 
Would this work to connect sony walkman to chord HUGO?
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