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Greeting, there still seem to be very few of these in the market, how are these? Any input is appreciated. 
thank you nomax :)
Yes the material is sticky kind of rubber, while I didnt have a problem with the stock tip fit wise the FAD stick better in my ear but also they tend to attract dirt more. So yes it does change the sound, people give it a try, you might like it.
This just indicates how important tip rolling is. I admit lately I have been lazy and assume the provided tips are the best but as most of us know it is not the fact. Different opening alters the sound, the FAD VI has two set of opening, the narrower one gives a more detailed sound where as the one with the larger opening provides the same kind of sound as the stock tip however still the bass feels a tad faster. 
Reporting back on FAD Tips:   Changes that is audible from the start:   Vocal becomes more forwards Clarity increased specially in the upper midrange and treble Bass losses a slight mid-bass, decays also appears to be registered as a touch faster   My guess is as the port has more room to breath it is performing more optimally. With the stock tip I had a much deeper fit which resulted the breathing port to deeper outside my out ear.   This is a must for those...
thank for the tip, got to try it later on.
I would not call it niche at all. Beats showed us it is not niche at all.
I dont have the gears you listen to nor I listen to the music you listen to but I do own the IM04 and to me clearly CKR10 is the better IEM than IM04. It might lack the speed of IM04 but end of the day Im04 is more natural sounding and it is a huge plus. 
Dude for the 250 USD I think it is a winner. Did you ever got to hear the calyx M? 
Well I disagree, there are certain products which show a vast improvement over their previous generation however those improvement are priced very proportionally and at times they basically are sold at the same price. Apple does that with their products, so does samsung withs its smart phone, does do all CPU makers and GPU makers, camera maker. Each of those products mentioned showed  improvement and at certain points greater improvement over their past generations and...
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