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Meet conditions tell less than half of the story. We are all different, if you are lucky enough to be happy with what you have than lucky you. I agree alot of things in this hobby work on hype and people wanting to hear things that aren't there because they spend money on it but it isn't all like that.
Anyone tried the new AK and beyerdynamic Iem or was the display box empty?
Any EX-1000 users here?
Anymore update regarding the closed back flagship headphone?
What kind of sound tuning should we expect? I am happy to see you guys using the new muses opamp. It has gotten some favourable reviews when used properly. 
I got three product dream, 1) AK ATEI, 2)QP1R, 3) CDM.
All Sennheiser had to do is use the modern day production methods and reproduce the same driver and setup with minor tweaking. For the original model looks much better than what they have going on with this. That is just me. 
I for one love to see the case included in the package if possible at a slight price adjustment.
I was told production is at October and release a little later.
I certainly happy with it. I just wish it get released sooner.
New Posts  All Forums: