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Yes, works if you like the sound of HD600.  I will listen this upcoming weekend and report back. I actually don't know why I dont listen to HD600 more, it is a really good headphone.
I havent bought anything in well over three months (instead of a cable). Honestly this thread led to me doing a lot of research and reading which as a result expanded my knowledge. Also it led to me making a purchase of what I can safely say is my dream DAP. So in that regard it save me a lot of other headache of buying and selling goods at a half price. PS: Bank account saving, who needs that anyway when you got a kidney to sale? :D
I dont have a tera, I love to own one and if i do ever get a chance to test it again I will see if I can figure it out and post my findings but as far as WAV for lotoo goes it should produce a separate cuesheet. The embed option only means you dont need to store the cuesheet as a separate file.  So summary: Everyone in the steps I mentioned remains the same, the cuesheet produce is than place in the same folder as the wav file produce in "Add file" step and on your PG use...
I just want to thank this thread for all the discoveries it has exposed me to. 
I have no reply back on when they are going to do that by my guess is sometimes after they have release the PAW 5000, they are buys with that. Good news is they both use the same sort of UI so this means they will continue firmware support long after their product is out. I doubt after PAW 5000 they will release anything else. They are not into DAP making business, this is made due to popular demand. PAW 5000 is made to let those who want the PAW Gold sound philosophy but...
It is shame to hear that the incident of getting ones good stolen in the hifi community has increased, this must be one bad year as I cannot remember such event taking place so orderly and frequently. 
Setup Preference 1)Open XLD->Preference2)Click on output option and select "Allow to embed cuesheet", okay it and close Add files 1)File->Open folder as disc: Navigate to the folder where the album files areThis should open a window where we can edit tag, add album art and etc 2)From the drop down menu select "Save as single file (+cue) Done!
what program do you rip/convert your audio files? this way I can produce a guide for that particular program.
cuesheet using simple file rip. So basically rip your files as one large file and make a cuesheet for it. 
Anymore information regarding the new alo amp is greatly appreciated.
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