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Had few days to play with this little devil. First thing that I notice is very open soundstage. Second is great bass decay and third is well it don't pair nicely with BA type IEM and also there is hissing that disappears once the music plays? As in in the quiet passage the hissing is not audible but when the device is turned on it is?   So far very favourable pairing with Kaede II. I consider wagnus epslion S,at 1000 USD, the best amp for Kaede however SU AX7 at a less...
None what so ever, outside Japan that is. Inside Japan they have so far gotten favourable acceptance. 
Anyone tried the HUM ciem?
What is 850?
For 300 Aud I am game, my dap buying days are over and if it wasn't because of the love I have for C4 I wouldn't not look at this dap, poor UI, still large and lacks the digital output which is standard for other models. It really isn't looking too pretty for c10. I hope to see a picture of its board, they normally used to love showing that off.
It is smaller, I am willing to try if the bass roll off is improved.I still love my c4, great pairing with Ex-1000.I will be all over this once massdrop brings them in.
For me the natural upgrade from EX-1000 is the kaede II.
I am very interested to hear the final product, if it sounds good to me the price is justified based on all the technical development put into this headphone. 
I think ALO is working on a plug n play solution for the future and they will also offer boards for users to experiment for themselves if they wish to do so, that is what I have gathered so far. 
Congrats to those who preordered, waiting for your insights on what seems to be my must next purchase. Only if the universe could work its magic and the aussie dollar became strong again or I got a raise out of nowhere but no nothing like that.
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