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They are pretty big, mostly jazz and fusion. If you have time look them up. I enjoy their work, their album cover is a work of art.
Ie800 and calyx M are made for ECM label albums.
Licensing might have something to do with it .
That looks like just the xba-h3. Maybe they are just introducing it now to china?
I was not even aware of that, I need to contact ACS.
Here is my short take on Alien after a period of 40 hours of non-stop playback using IE800: First impression when just came out of the box, "why did I buy this?", 40 hours later, "darn this think sounds alot like C4, it has some nice treble extension".   Color me really interested, ipod 5G is retired now, I will still use it for podcast but IE800 and Alien is giving me one satisfactory listening that I can say if I was to live with these two unit for a long while I...
I am in market for a balance amp for HD600, read so many good things about this all in one unit, any HD600 users here?
^for mac try Andriod file transfer. As a USB DAC it should work with mac without any issue,
HUGO is great no doubt but what it might offer to some it might not be to their liking. It is hard to explain but it is one of those products that you must listen closely for yourself.
No you were not condescending at all, I learned something new today. 
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