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I am looking for an able technicians locally. Truly thankful for it
This thread is too dead. Where are the canjam comments?
This is why I kept the calyx M despite owning the Lotoo as the M has that warmth that Lotoo can lack. Angie is considerably more affordable (if one can say that). Layla just so painfully price that no matter what I cannot fool myself into buying it. 
Can't help but wonder about this pairing, picture from @MoonAudio  
Kaede II on high gain makes for a good pairing as well.
My only concern is the lower cotton meshing just might be too stiff for some. Also the white color gets dirty quiet quick.
In terms of coherence are they able to produce he same coherency as single driver dynamic IEM? 
I honestly think once you hear lotoo you wouldn't care for a data out. You can safely use a rca to 3.5 and plug it into your home amp no problem. I was thinking of using my lotoo PAW Gold with hugo if it had data out but ever since I got the PAW I hardly use the HUGO, to me they are both equally as good (with lotoo having the right amp)
PAW gold is still remains the flagship, PAW 5000 is lower end model, spec unknown yet but it has optical out (if they haven't changed that part).Once I know more I will update the first post and post it here. 
Lotoo PAW 5000 image, red edition is probably china only edition:    
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