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Can't wait to order mine. Any chance of early buyers discount?
Great price :)
If I had to describe Lotoo in two words it would be, transparent and balance.
I had the luxury of testing the early beta m2m. From what I could remember it had a detail sound but bit on the thin side. The dita cable without the shield is very flexible and quiet durable. I think dita cable pairs great with any warm CIEM that require a more balancing sound with more detail extraction.   I personally cannot wait to order one for S-EM6.
At 399 it is not that unrealistically priced. It is much better value than all of AK daps (and sonys).
It will be nice to see them sale a bundle of the A8 and pono.
I am certain they will fix it eventually, I am willing to ignore all the current issues based on how much I am enjoying it with almost everything I pair with it.
Yea same issue here.
This will be my first CIEM, I cannot wait to see them get released internationally.
Welcome, please do share the iem/headphone you are using with your dap and report your findings if time allows. Here is a little update on my behalf. For me lotoo certainly carries a reference worthy status but lately I have been enjoying calyx M sound more.
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