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For my calyx M I use a portable battery pack from Sony which has 10000 mha.
I leave that to him to explain, he might not like me sharing it and also I might explain it wrong.Hope you understand.
The picture that goodvibes posted is his mod, look closely
Have you seen how many cable is out there for HD800, those thing help the sale of headphones. 
Boy listening to C4 makes me want to order the C10. Anyone bought it yet?
To me AKG812 is honestly just good, no need for modding or other stuff that takes place on head-fi, and sadly that is the reason why it doesn't get much love as we folks at head-fi like to tinker with stuff.    I am not a headphone person and that is why it took me a while to like the k812. It took the Lotoo PAW Gold and K812 to make me realise how good k812 is and how easy it is to make it sound good. 
  It came with my Kaede II if that is any help for you guys. 
for me large is needed else the fit will be too deep.
I think the lack of dislike to AKG is its poor modification ability and the fact that you don't need much of a high end stuff to make it sound its best. Most high end headphones oddly enough grab attention simply because there is alot of after market accessories for them for the user to play around with. After all for most while sound is important we still like to play around. 
Guys try the sppin fit on this, they are superb, improve isolation and reduces microphonics. The also stay on with no problem. What a nice accidental discovery. 
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