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Just started using the eq-8 I will report back by Sunday.
Rudi has tried the preproduction version and he said it sounds like a more refined fitear parrter.
And to be honest the case can be a bad idea in hot climate as it traps too much heat.   If patiences permits this weekend I will test WAV only playback and see how it impacts battery life and heat production. 
If I win lotto ill own a shop in hk
If i was to sale it all and keep two iem I would keep er4s and dita truth. If they could figure out how to achieve the same airy nature as ex1000 while maintaining the same bass quality same they have an iem that is perfect in my view. I really cannot wait till they release something else.
I left mine unplugged for 2 weeks and I did not experience the same thing. Try to get your one replaced.
Portable world is crazy money, time to unsub for a while 😊
I thought that was euro including the 20% VAT.
You be likey to get a hold of any distributors in Australia, they avoid you as they have a lot of deal with various dealers plus a dealer also has its own mark up which the distributor can never match as it will give away a lot more they want. Not to mention name but in Australia dealers tens to try to become distributors over time which sadly is just makes things worst .
we can always disable the volume slide and use the on screen option if we want but it is too small for me.
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