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This is why I am still fearful of going through third party ways of ordering a fitear CIEM, I stick to Universal IEM for now, maybe one day I get to hear the fitear IEM in custom format. 
Don't tell me you didn't try the goldmound HDA at ditas booth, that is a 13K dac/amp.
I read somewhere that it's still in early alpha stages.
Did you contact addicted to audio about your M jack or they contacted you?
Did they made any more appearance?
I only have 64 GB loaded inside, it is pretty fast (under 20 second) but when I had the 128 GB connected it took upto few minutes. My tags are pretty clean and has no junk so it can vary.
Such a terrible news, wish them a quick recovery.
I do not plan on doing things this indepth in the future therefore I see no point on a video. As a result I am not planning on opening a youtube account just to post one video.   Writing review is harder than I thought. I have written the first draft and after reading it I felt like I am reading something from the 90s hifi magazine. I laughed at myself as there was a time I used to laugh at those reviews and now mine seem to be a carbon copy of it.   I am trying to be...
As much as I enjoy the calyx M UI I think it will be pushing it to load 512 GB. Each time it starts up it scans the file. That should be disabled in my view.   Also the UI is not as snappy. To me the sweat spot is 256 GB and that is the max I will ever need for any of my portables.
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