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Since the shure purchase I have bought few more IEM. I think at end of the day for most of us this is a hobby and there will never be an end game.
Massdrop backers great news, ALO audio was able to fulfill all the orders on time.
Shanling, xduoo and venturecraft are all Capable of it. They do OEM. Trick is software , that is the most costly part.
Is there any updates on V5?
Placed the order for Flang V5, price is reasonable and my dap fetish out of control. If all goes well and the product passes my satisfaction level I will be flooding this thread till I am told to make a separate thread. This is my favourite thread on HF, thanks to this thread I found LPG.
For me Valoq comes very close for a perfect music only dap. I can get from point A to B fast, very fast.What it lacks is FF button.
The will continuously work on FW for a long time considering their aim to release a limited opa627sm version of Valoq with 200 GB internal memory. Estimated price is 2.5K usd. Also I can't say I hear any drastic difference between single ended and balance ended connection. They both sound equally as powerful.
No I didn't.
Yes, with roughly 1.5 times price increase, but still glad to see it locally. 
In anticipation of the arrival of the Witch Girl Pro I have dug out all my hybrid IEM. The witch girl S will be an easy review for me since I am quiet familiar with how various BA configuration can sound and I have a decent idea of what makes a good sounding BA. By nature all multiple BA will no sound as coherent as single driver but those which are tuned nicely will allow the user to enjoy the sound never the less.  Hybrid IEM on the other hand are much easier to get it...
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