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if I find any more information I will share it, sadly best I can do is that link above. 
Full Armor case for dpx1   http://www.e-earphone.jp/shopdetail/000000094267/
Yes tips do impact the sound. Dita audio provides three different tip bore sizes with there dita IEM. Each enhances the sound differently. 
Considering the price is the same I would personlly ask for replacement. A revision wouldn't be carried if there was on problem with it.
Basically yea
While we have the rep here I have one friendly request, please make your resistor more available for DIYer and after market cable makers. Most cable makers will not touch the ER4X recabling as they believe that magic of ER4X is in there resistor that is almost always a destructive process if one hopes to extract it from its enclosure.    Here is the only cable maker brave enough to tackle all this:   Source: http://e4ua.jp/?p=1653
Akt8ie mkii.....
It is physically having a separate ground cable for left and right channe, on my er4b it is very audible improvement :
It would be be great if you guys could release a limited set with balance version, something like a legacy release to celebrate over 2 decade of going strong while rest of the market fighting on stuffing more drivers and achieving almost nothing.I know I will buy one and there would be at least enough to encourage a limited release special package deals. You can even do a head count here to get an idea.
I have a balanced cable custom made for my er4b, cost me a lot but worth it. As someone who loved the er4s to be er4b is a new level and balanced cable even took it this much further.I hope you guys still keep the er4b and maybe why not make the ER4B a balance only version? For me 4B is where is the fun is at.
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