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Lately I have found an amazing cable maker in Japan, which has limited sourced of genuine EX-1000 plug. He recommend me to use silver cable based on the feedback his customer given him but he have not listened to ex-1000 so he does not know. I wanted to for once try the balance cable for the EX-1000, I initially asked for the Mogami 2526 based on various research I made. Basically I am scared if I go silver (ELEC 4N ) the highs which I am trying to tame will jut enhance...
I think I was too rush of me to dismiss the internal DAC. Lately since forcibly switching to iPhone I have been using the internal DAC. I in particular enjoy the NePlayer from Radius, the EQing works very well. Honestly lately I am more concerned with musicality than with bits and digits and conserving sonic integrity. 
Guys here is the first report from Japan http://recopal.jp/headphone/earphones/1820/
I have a guess what the problem is, the mmcx was shortening due to possible contact with the alloy housing. For me the hours before it died it was doing that, I thought it must by the music source, when I went back to test it again I found out the driver was dead.  I might either negotiate to get something else or get a replacement unit. To be honest I returned the cardas for the same reason, I just do not like getting a product that fails on me. I own more than 20...
Green sticking sources back to the Hong Kong recall. It could be very well a new system they are using for all new items. I would be contacting BD with my barcode and ask for product history. They should be selling refurb as refurb by law.Did you get your unit from A2A?
Green sticker is recalled model which has been sent back for QC, it is a good sign.
Honestly such a great sounding little gem only to be ignored because of who makes it and early bad QC. To me this is the best sound AK collaborated IEM and I honestly miss listening to it.
Yes, it is selling for 400,000 JPY, in another words 4000 USD.
I will post my sound impression only this weekend coming.
Looking forward to your findings.
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