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The cheapest transport in the market right now is the NWZ A15, 16 GB internal and 128 GB external. Its bluetooth feature is much cleaner than ipod touch too.
In my view you cannot go wrong with A15, its price point and its feature will make up for where the power might be lacking. But do note no one really knows if the 64 GB model has english menu or not.
But it works with HUGO, that means the HUGO designer did their job right. 
I think it just needs that 5V to make a successful handshake between the devices. I am just happy it pairs with HUGO as 24/192 optical out via Ak120 still fails to work. I am happy to get a 128 GB microSD and I am set, shame I cannot get it to work with Denon DA-10 which is a great sounding device.
The NW10 does charge the device but I was hoping to use it as walkman to microUSB data connection but obviously the song people are smarter than that. The Denon DA-10 has an internal battery that powers the device. I can use it when paired with apple camera kit connection so I assumed it will work with A15. What is strange is that A15 does work with HUGO which is a relief. 
Denon DA-10 does not pair with NWZ A15, darn it I was counting on this pairing :-(
An update on this just got the WMC NWC10 and it does not work. I know it was not going to but tried. Using the WMC-NWH10 (the cable designed for digital out) I can get a connection for 24/192 files with my chord hugo but sadly no luck with Denon DA-01. Denon DA-10 pairs with ipod touch 5G using cck so yea.
I will buy it when its price fall just like ex-1000.
precisely my thought x although Hugo with the right gear does have a much larger soundstage but the price difference is a lot.
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