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I cannot wait to try it.
Okay I forgot to add that my hearing above 16 kHz is poor so this is why I light brighter sound. Maybe few years ago I would have appreciated them more. 
I doubt anyone in this thread is organizing an event to make money out of it.All good, but things like this might dishearten people from investing their time and effort to organize things.
th guy takes the time to organize all this and take the risk of paying for any short coming and we are asking him what's going to happen with the extra money...
Are you serious?
Sadly I couldn't do it and honestly hm901 will be beyond me as there are just too many different factors involved and I just will not trust my judgement as I will not be able to spend enough time with it to make a fair judgement.    I am still pushing for one of you guys in Japan to get a unit and test it out, if I could I would DHL my own unit there (if I can seprate myself from it).   But the eq setting on this is to recon with. Without a doubt nothing in the market...
Lotoo PAW EQ is the best I have tried. Found the right tuning for EX-1000   More info to here
As I indicated with my pervious post I had an issue with eq-8, F111 and k3003. The rest of my gears were pretty okay. Today I received a PM out of nowhere. Read a little about the content and thought instead of spreading more rumours I go directly to the makers and ask them for conformation. Calyx advised me those figures are not true. That is the only part I think i can share here.
Calyx got back to me and they said the figures are not true. 
I am struggling to like the Lotoo PAW Gold and K3003. People used to complain that K3003 had coherence issue and I always thought they are just making words up. K3003 paired with Lotoo feels like the bass and treble are isolated by something in between them and there is a gap between them.    The bass is quiet lifeless, it is so strange that the single driver F111 sounds much more full and engaging than k3003. Just don't know how to make heads and tails from it. I will...
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