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I just can't believe how good these two pair, the color, the sound. I use the DC-phase, I finally can hear its impact clearly. 
400 hours had reached and as a result i begun pairing my IEM/headphone with WM1A. I always start with old favourite. ER4S, EX-1000 and CK100Pro. Plugged in the EX-1000, everything stock as the after market cable I bought is terminated with 2.5mm finish. Played some of my favourite albums, always seem to start with The Chopin Project Album by Alice Sara Ott and Ólafur Arnalds. As I am typing this it is the third time I have listen to this album from start to finish, and...
It was a 2.5mm AK trrs paired with Valoq. 
I can't say it is as the only time that happen to me was when the DXD file which was in wav was compressed into flac.
It happens when the lossless file is too compressed and the unit is doing more work to unpack and decode it.
Hum pristine pairing with wm1a is great with the condition that the recording used also on the good mastering side. Else I find that pairing too analytical. I've reach the 400 hour on single ended side and I will set down over this weekend and tabulate all my IEM pairing and perhaps write a very quick impression on wm1a.
I tried to listen to the fw01 in balance out of my Daps, results were not positive. Sound became too forward. The stock cable is pretty good, I also hear no significant changes in after market cable for this particular iem.
No promises but if I can I will try to review the LPG and Diana. I perhaps consider myself, as someone who truly appreciate what LPG is and offers but for various reasons it will remain my reference and not an everyday dap. For instance paired with my new favourite can the Jvc ha sw01 I find calyx M providing far more dynamic than the LPG which just sound lean and lacking in compared to calyx M.
I was comparing my WM1A with calyx M and while in large I like the 1A I couldn't happen to notice when paired with the SW01 the 1A was noticeably less dynamic than calyx M. I am cure things will change once I go balance but that was quiet a surprise to me. 
I have grown to really like the IM04, once the ls400 prices reduce I will surely get one.
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