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How on earth can we order it, I tried ordering one locally but the local dealer couldnt get what I was saying. Do you have any picture of the final MMCX connectors? Many thanks in advance. 
Please be aware while that worked well for me at start, going away from that cable to anything else will make the connection eve more loss. The T8iE female connectors are of poor quality and easily deform. 
The only picture I found is this but the one i used did not look like this, it had thick silver silicon type coasting.      My only issue with that cable wast that it was a little thick however quiet flexible, same as the Moon-audio cable. They used an excessively large mmcx. If they use an angle mccx and it would be no issue for IEM. I think that cable I tried was aiming for the mmcx headphone (Ultrasones) and I just happen to have a pair of IEM and willing to try them.
You have to email them and they will direct you to one of their dealer, if they dont have dealers they will accept orders directly. Now there is a reason why they dont offer MMCX as the cable is sort of not quiet IEM friendly. They only make it as a custom order. Go with the carbon fibre 3.5mm jack. 
It is perhaps the only cable I tried that made me look into cables. It is designed and built with all things in mind. That includes material, cable structure and shielding. There are many cable makers who only focus on cable material and dont care about shielding and its structure. There are some line Brise who stick with good quality material and focus heavy on shielding.Rarely do we get a cable which does all three. I did test that cable on two occasion and it did...
I dont know what my final IEM will be but I know that it must include LPG, WireWorld Nano Plantinum eclipse. LPG needs a slightly warmer sounding IEM. 
That could be the case. Just like mass kobo and wagnus who first designed amps for peronsal use(they tune studio speakers and need something to evaluate sound) it wouldn't surprise me if LPG was first developed for such purposes.
LPG was designed for the professional usage, its audiophile popularity is just a side effect.
I've tried all the mmcx connection out there but the ATL one. Recently I've found a cable maker who actually has them. The connector a pair cost 55 usd but they are as good as it gets. If they don't worry nothing else will work with the T8iE and I will officially give up. I will report back later once I get my cables.
 Speed isnt an issue for me, I prefer a tile view browsing that AK does. 
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