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Better for me
I hope paw 5000 is light. I wan it merely for its optical out and than for its balanced out.
it is click instead of scroll, it comes down how quick one can click. 
To that I say bring it on sir. I am just waiting for my CC bill to clear, I am getting the CDM for sure.
As a friend said to me once if the tub me amp is not running hot it is working right. He is not a believer of portable tube amp but that is him.
I think I can easily live with Z5 and pono balanced.
It might get too warm, a carry case to protect it is a good idea but while having it on maybe not so much.
I think a case defeats the purpose of having such a nice case. I still hope you guys consider a stand alone amp.
Well that is fast! Kind of wish we had that scroll wheel implemented on Paw Gold. 
if one can get over the hissing it is not a poorly tuned amp.I am going home in an hour and will play around with kaede II and e-Q8 and report back.
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