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My friend for such prices the manufacturing party is the winner !
The bass slam, it is there, o yea! Treble seems less bright and not airy as the original. But having said that the original I am listening to is well over 500 hours.
mkii arrived today. Initial impression is that mkii is less warmer than original model. The new model has mkii written on the box, so don't be fooled into getting mki as the newer model. Ill report back later.
I never owned the A8, sorry .
So far I am still alive, take what I said how you like :D Don't expect to purchase the KSE1500 to all of a sudden have the best musical experience one can hope for. For start there is a period of time where you have to give your brain to adjust to the sound. Once you have you will notice going from KSE1500 to any other IEM becomes a harder taske.Second thing KSE1500 is honest, to my ears the most transparent and detail IEM there is with one draw back, it is still an IEM...
  Dont really care about the DAP but the CIEM format of their CIEM is exiting.  Source: Jaben china, http://tw.weibo.com/jabencn
westone didnt work for me, i had some come with um50rpo. Unless the current gen start tips are different. 
Two thumps up for spinfit. Improvement in comfort and seal is substantial for me. Bass hit is reduce, for better for me when I compare it against the olive tips. I finally can use my KSE1500 without worrying about the sound or breaking the seal.
The cable is a good give away and serial too.
Addictive too audio keeps on surprising me, safe to say i will not be buying anything from them.
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