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Have we reached the peak of innovation when it comes for cross over designs?
Angie and layla, sadly this threesome is out of my league, I will focus on Angie for now...
I know of certain shops who will actually test their equipment before shipping in order to reduce dead on arrival events. Calyx packaging however is a strange one due to so many variations it has globally.
I asked the same question from an amp maker who told me it is Better to use vintage driven type amplifier for BS than current.
Mine want wrapped, I am in AUS.
Well all due respect to him his review is based on an early product that he tested in a show, a show where he probably spend 30 minutes if he is lucky. It is silly passing such a judgement on a product that quick.  I love my colorlfy C4 volume slide controller and it should indicate how I feel about it on Calyx M. Sure it could have been better but it could have been a lot worst. Over all we are all entitled in our opinion and certainly he has the right for his own...
As dogmatrix sais said if it sounds okay don't worry about it. Impedance mostly effects balance armature drivers more than dynamic.
Glad it fixed the issue for you. I have been really impressed by DA-10. It is my main laptop dac. I have a access to alot of more unfavourably priced option but my ears kee gravitating towards da-10. I paid full price for it when it was selling for 536 aud including shipping forwarding and shipping prices and i never regret paying that much. Right now it sells for much cheaper and it is truly a great deal. Sadly it misses a lot of what is now industry standard like...
Congrats to JH and I do hope this patent allows for more innovation not to restrict such growth.
Certainly a driver issue. See if you have the same issue on a different pc. Try a different program like vlc and see if that fixes it. Make sure the movie itself is not out of sync.
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