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Darn I want to test the HA-200, why does Australia have to be years behind the rest of the developed world?
I am using ipod touch to access the files inside the NAS using the app supplied by synology (DS audio). 
NAS works without an issue if I was to use my MAC but if I was to use the ipod/ipad it will restrict it to 16/44.1 wav which the NAS does using its own CPU. I think iOS8 might be dealing with this.
I recently purchased a NAS, it is a synology DS214SE which has a great inbuilt amp that is able to stream all my music into WAV directly to my ipod which make it great when I want to use HUGO but problem is that it downsamples everything to 16/44.1. Is there an app that allows native playback for such files? thanks
There are reviews out but I see no point till FW 1.0 come out.
I would have said the EX-1000, it shows that clearly Sony did not produce a headphone that everyone would praise. We all can name the HD650, K701 but sony most infamous one that everyone said is what is arguably the king of dynamic IE Mis the R10. That was a long time ago. sennheiser after the success of its gears (the HD600, HD650) they came up with HD800 but sony really did not produce anything that could best the R10.
Sony has alot to compete against considering all these years of not successfully releasing a headgear worthy of remembrance.
I always do it for the final seal of approval. I haven't listened to Hugo for 4 week too. Once they pass that test they got my full love. I hope to add dita to my er4s list. Sadly ck100pro failed to impress me after a while of not using it.
I've taken a month break from them, tonight I will test their magic agian
In regard to hissing past experience tells me that it might be usb port on your laptop that is causing it.
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