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How is that fair.....
The 10 BA isn't a rumour. The dap also not fully finished, they are currently deciding between three different tunnings.
The more and more I read the less I am interested in the dap and more in the DAC/amp. It seems like an amazing deal.
M4U-4 deserve more love, for sure. I however on other hand use comply to improve fit, otherwise they stick out too much. 
Some important information regarding the current Sony range, please use google translate: http://www.weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404016687673396764
I bought my ie800 from them, they are legit but still a grey seller.
The removable cable option will be their dream IEM series which is as name is to be what they always dream of a sound coming from an IEM. As is they really see no point is tweaking and selling the same IEM just with a removable cable. Their cable failure rate is so low that they see no point. Out of my group of friends, who all own and use their dita on weekly basis none had any issues. 
Well I am out .
The IEM is slightly tweaked with a different cable. Once I have more information I will update you guys.
If all goes well I will be getting the dp100 and the new IEM, comes down to the price I want them for. I can never say no to a good deal. If the IEM is out of my budget I will get the dap alone and report back. Love my daps, I am down one after selling my shanling M3.
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