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I dont know whether it is true or not but someone PM about the possible high output DC of Calyx M which can cause serious damage to dynamic drivers. I have PM calyx people to conform this. if that is true it explains why I had such a hard time with F111, EQ-8 and K3003. I really hope it is not true as I just cannot risk reducing the life of my IEM. 
Yes that is quiet true. While price does matter I cannot see how one would be happy with Z7 even at lower price if what they seek is a good close back headphone with decent treble. Eventually the treble head will look for some other alternative.
Apologies I meant to say the Z7 keep mixing them up for some reason. 
I have to be very specific with the gears I use with calyx M as sadly I am having major issue with  alot of my IEM with calyx M. Overall after the latest firmware update using T5p calyx sounds more open than before and the bass quality improved but it still not quiet the lotoo PAW quality which frankly with all low impedance IEM performed remarkably great.
I had some time to spend with XBA-Z7 and to my ears they did not sounded as I hoped it to be upon further listening. Its major problem to me is lack of clarity and extension on the treble. Comparing to the TH900 it could not simply match it. While it is true that TH900 is much more expensive one can find it for 1099 USD or so and frankly for home usage I think paying the extra 200-300 dollars on TH900 is a much better investment than XBA-Z7.   Maybe Z7 is to be paired...
My guess is sometimes times in the next 5 years...
The only thing that I notice the most is that with DSD the sound is much more open and expansive, that is the most noticeable thing and the sad thing is that now with this new update the gap between my Lotoo PAW Gold and Calyx has narrowed a lot. 
I honestly thing the walkman A16 offers decent sound and excellent battery life with extreme portability. I love my shozy DAP but I do not take it out as often as i used to as navigation is not easy. If there was a way to mix the sound of shozy alien with A16 now that would be a DAP that would get all the other high end DAP makers sleepless at night.   What I need from a dap on the go is easy to cary and easy to navigate on a busy train. For me the NWZ A16 does that and...
Update 6 added
Another update, it seems to not to support certain mp3 files. They are working on true gapless but as I reported earlier I do notice the gap when listening to Roger Waters "amused to death".
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