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Ck100pro to me is much better value and there are things it does that nothing in my possession can do.K3003 has a more of a hifi sounding approach where as Ck100pro has a very unique approach that focuses on clarify, speed and deep bass without sounding too artifical.
I want this again. 
I had a final listen with the AK380. Ignoring the prize point it is truly a well built and well tuned sound but sadly we cannot and to me this is where I make my judgment. I was on the older firmware, on that the AK380 sounded wide but I can now say with more confidence this wide soundstage is because AK380 possess a very wide U shape sound signature. I can say that with confident that the sound is quiet U shape.    Whether it is a class over Ak240 it is hard to tell. If...
I noticed that i like the LPG with all my headphones, in particular the AKG K812 however the pairing with IEM is different story.    I think LPG deals with DSD much better than PCM files. Currently I cannot get enough of K812 and LPG. I just can't seem to get the headphone setting right consistently right in order to make the shift to headphones.
No very different.
The best part was half of their product weren't plugged in. 
On further listening,this thing sounds more like K3003 with less bass slum than ER4S!
A truly under appreciated product for headphone users. I went to the AV show today and even the Martanz Marantz show room did not have it, I asked the guy who was running the room and he had no clue what I was talking about!
Source update: I can't believe but q jays is quiet source sensitive. Plugged out of my Chord HUGO i get the best performance followed by calyx M. I do not get a good pairing with Lotoo PAW Gold. I will update with further impression as I spend more time with it.   Out of chord hugo it sounds more balanced than my ck100pro. Matter of fact I like it much more than ER4S and Ck100pro out of my HUGO. Very balanced, soundstage quiet studio monitor like, not expansive and quiet...
I think the AK Jr is currently the most reasonable offering, I hope to see AK take the same approach in the future. It is over-priced if you see it based on Australian figure value but for 400 USD I feel positively about it. 
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