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Not all my gears but the main one, here is my most to least favourite pairing.Group (A)These gears sounded their best based on my other combination I have put them through using my gear list IE800(had a hard time finding a suitable pairing, for long I could only use O2 for it but with M seems to pair with it find, great treble and quiet resolving)IM04Orotfon EQ-8FAD VIATH CKR-10Dita truth (Dita can sound a better but its pairing was not a bad one, it is just that I have...
P1 is quiet a large beast. Pictures taken from the FB page of Mr John Lee.      
I did mean IEM, nokia phones are not easy to type, not that I am any good on the actual full size keyboard. Anyways it is really hard for me to make a definitive comment as I do not own the hm-901, the AK120II or the AK240. My test is based on the gears I own.    My point was that Mimouille rightly pointed out which is for the gears I own M was enough to make them perform at their best. I am not saying M is better than HUGO. HUGO as a lot to offer than what my current...
Sorry to miss your post earlier to answer you it is gear related. I don't think wagnus adds to Hugo it is just a different representation. I at time find Hugo little bright and i use wagnus to solve it. With certain iems the pairing with M is identical to HUGO setup, that only tells me that item is well driven on M to the best it can possibly be so there is no gap in my view.
That would be hugo+wagnus amp plus some not so cheap mini-mini. i am looking forward to going home and enjoy ie800 and calyx M. I might just get a ciem but it must suit Calyx M.
I do not think Calyx M is warm to the point we can easily classify it as one. I had some minor issue with dita truth pairing but that was noticeable only when I A/B it directly from a much more expensive setup. It is not directly noticeable, just a different tunning. My main issue was and still is the XBA-4. On the other hand I had no issue with IM04 which is also another low impedance balance armature. I am not 100% sure what is the cause and cannot pin point it.
I don't think I own anything that pairs with calyx M as good as IE800.
I'll wait for that I guess.
Glad I did, great pairing.
I am about to give my VI and M another go, perhaps I was too quick to judge.
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