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I have now passed the 500 hour and I will now begin listening without having burnin bias. Now that I have had enough headphone with the WM1A what impresses me the most about it is that it remains neutral without giving up on musicality (dpx1 is sterile and fairly we can say neutral). If I ever miss some warmth the DC phase setting gives me very positive alteration in sound.   The last time I was this impressed about a source was when I got the HUGO. To me 1A and HUGO...
I like this combo but till I try balance can't say for certain,
Reaching the 500 mark. I cant hear much difference with the midrange and upper frequencies but with the low freq I can hear the bass speed as increased, it somehow appears to be more prominent in regard of impact. All the sound enhancement is off and IEM used for burning and listening are the EX-1000 and T8iE MKII.
Beside cosmetic protection that case has no other practical use. I rather have a case with screen protection.
Please let he members in this thread know when you will be taking preorders for the 4.4mm Sony cables.
Mine comes with a free dignis case , so
I tried and liked I a lot but fw01 is better sound wise, comfort goes to nighthawk.
Ever since the sw01 arrived I haven't had much listening sessions withth fw01. Ignoring the fit comfort issued sw01 is normally the kind of sound I listen to when I just want to relax. Perhaps I like my treble more rolled off (yes I am becoming one of those guys) but honestly it is tinned for jazz and classical music fans. Both gear take a lot of burning. While I haven't noticed much change in the IEM however on the headphone the bass reduction and treble relaxation is...
I hope Sony releases a new tile browsing UI features.
This appears to be more better constructed than the T8iE. http://www.whathifi.com/news/beyerdynamics-new-headphones-aim-hi-res-audio
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