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Yes sire.
Xduoo X7 is also seem to be new product   It has coaxial out too.
I did not know that, so I am assuming it is limited to the Chinese market?
fitear has a new iem, not so new but they finally released it, i think?!  
I think now days we can get cheap really portable battery packs too so all good. I am just crossing my fingers for that hardware fix for the calyx M. I am almost 99% sure I have found my Dap.    Part of me wants to test Lotoo PAW Gold but Clayx M on its own makes me really happy. 
I am struggling to get a good synergy with Calyx M and wagnus feeding dita truth, a little strange.   I think I must try the attenuator.
Just a question is there a disadvantage of having the WM8741 in software mod instead of the hardware mod? 
Squeezebox touch has proven really handy for me, great setup at home but I am still hoping to find that portable source for hugo.
I notice a lot of lag, that is about it. 
Ak100ii is what I would have considered too. Size and functionality is hitting that sweet spot. I am considering it for a source. The important key factor is how does its balance out compare to its bigger brother ak240 or the ak120ii?
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