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Think of the scratch as a character that your unit will get as it ages, what matters is the sound. Enjoy it!
Nice, looking forward to your thoughts on this. Also I really they do something about the 24/96 wav, not that it might be an issue for me but it can cause a lot of headache down the track for them and their future customers.
Give me more time please, i honestly just got it yestarday and due to the flu I dont really trust my hearing right now.    I can say I had a brilliant pairing with my eq-8 which I did not have anything before to pair it with, this alone justifies the purchase and the lack of graphic UI means I tend to listen to music more without changing albums, that is another plus.
After more chat it is not tune like it but more so just design wise. To be perfectly honest I have quiet a mixed feeling about this dap . Maybe I spend too much time with calyx or Hugo but I honestly think ipod can still match the sound of shozy alien. I will do a more I depth listening later when shozy is more mature and I will test it against the latest iPod nano .
I still think the good old Rocoo BA is great value if one can find one. 
Yea it is a no go with 24/96 wav. 
hehe, to be honest I would have gone with another design. I let it burn in for 40 hours but doing that is trick since there is no repeat button.
its custom made, if you know rudi better you wouldnt ask.... :D
I think it is about compromise and finding the right synergy. It is surely not cheap and not perfect but sadly it is the best I have had the chance to get my hands on considering the UI and file compatibility. I am an IEM user so for most of my gear I had good pairing but yes you are right one can find a better and cheaper DAP that perhaps suits their gear better.
Shozy Dap in the house, bad news ear infection and fever will not allow me to test it.    What I have been told is this device is inspired by Tera Player and tuning of it has taken an artisan approach. I was really reluctant to get this and I really did not need another dap especially one that lacks a screen but as an IEM user I had to give it a try. Will report back with all my IEM pairing one I can hear again.
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