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For me it seems to be more to do with which IEM I have. The case might not be shielded perfectly but I think certain IEM with poor shielding act like an antenna and just add to the problem. So far my best pairings are ER4S/IM04/IE800. They sound great with no need to add an amp. M is a good source for wagnus however I dont feel the need to have it. 
Today I discovered that the audible distortion I was getting with F111 was not due to the pairing alone but it was that for some reason I was detecting noises which tend to be RFI noises.
Expect a price range of $1200-1700, sad but that is how the world operates. I was hoping for 800-1000 price range. 
Well Light harmonic offers alot and naturally they have a lot to prove to us.  As far as I know the current game is price things high and let it sale itself. 
I am really happy with my M, it is giving me a very full sound with IE800 and a very detailed and punchy bass with ER4S. The battery life base on my test is close to 6 hours which is fine for me.   I do not plan to use DSD on it, frankly I am not longer on the DSD or hi-rez file I do not hear it. I am looking forwarding towards getting my SD card, and in a near future that case.   I probably will sale the AK120 but I might keep the HUGO as my reference, my next search...
^I was going to get it but its current ebay price is 500 usd, I think he had an error inputting the prices. 
it has to be fat32 format limited.  edit: I get why fitear owner ranked M poorly, I get a very bad distortion with my F111, it is just not usable. 
I think it comes to preference for sure. Honestly M is no way bad sounding at all. I also have never had the HM-901, certain things where never be apparent till we A/B things side by side.  At start AK120 was a great sounding item that for most will never be mediocre sounding but once I compared it to a much older DAP C4 I realised I dont like it. That difference became more apparent when I used 627x+DD socket 1.Same thing can apply for M vs HM901 and dita. I have own a...
I think it is IEM dependent, I got a funny feeling it is to do with dita truth. 
What i do normally when i get a new gear is first i spend time with it using my favourite IEM than i will test with my other gears. If it passes the pairing test with my favourite IEM i will keep it. Next for the bonus i will pair it with the rest and see how it pairs with the other stuff which i had a hard time finding a good setup for. i will produce a more convincing preview this weekend, perhaps in a table format.
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