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hahaha, I streamed that a lot when I was streaming; I have videos of it slayed me.
It Follows: 10/10Saw this a few weeks ago actually; and really can't stop thinking about it. It's not a horror movie..more of a thriller. A seriously good movie is a perfect script from start to finish; it never really seems to drag or move to fast. In my mind this was the perfect movie; nothing in it that doesn't need to be and not missing anything. Spoilers kinda  [[SPOILER]]
oh god, where to start.   The Brass Tea pot : 4/10. A movie that started well..but I just couldn't finish it. The plot just wore so thing and it wore out its welcome SO fast. I was only an hour in and realized that it had a full FORTY FIVE minuets to go. The characters just kind of immediately change gears thought it's supposed to be over time...but we never see any of this process. I wanted someone to beat me senseless...and it would have been more exiting than the...
it's more Demon's souls than more back to the original idea. the combat isnt about slow plotting its fast paced...well as fast paced as a fromsoftware game can be. It's good. I would give it an 8/10 IMO. The limited weapon and build choice are kinda a downer but other than that its good.
HOTLINE MIAMI 2! 7/10\ a nice sequel to Hotline Miami...but its just missing things...or rather not? I don't know. Its hard to place. it's not quiet and subtle like the first one...but the game play is picks up where the first one left off in story and difficulty; so it's really difficult. CERTAINLY a lot more hand holding as levels go and that's a shame. Streaming tonight at 9pm PST.
Alright, playing clock tower Tuesday the tenth at 8:30 PM PST!
Nosgoth 6-10: a pretty solid PVP game wet in the Legacy of Kain world. it might get a bit boring but so far its enjoyable. Insanity's Blade 7-10: super fun throw back side scroller, I usually hate indie side scrollers....because it seems like that's all that ever gets made now; but this game is super fun if not just a BIT too frustrating.   HOT LALALAINE MIAMI! 9/10 still: yup, the neon mistress caught me again, so much blood, so many track suits..... I hate to do...
Oh martin...I love you. I will keep you posted when I find it and when I play it. might have to get some jerry-rigging to make it work though.unrelated to horror; I should be playing "life is strange" soon.also, found it and getting it right meow. I have the worst web-cam right now but it might have to make due until my new one comes in the mail. 
yeah man; I was super excited for this to come out. I can't wait to play it.
aight, I will get it and play it soon. I will keep you posted.
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