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HOTLINE MIAMI 2! 7/10\ a nice sequel to Hotline Miami...but its just missing things...or rather not? I don't know. Its hard to place. it's not quiet and subtle like the first one...but the game play is picks up where the first one left off in story and difficulty; so it's really difficult. CERTAINLY a lot more hand holding as levels go and that's a shame. Streaming tonight at 9pm PST.
Alright, playing clock tower Tuesday the tenth at 8:30 PM PST!
Nosgoth 6-10: a pretty solid PVP game wet in the Legacy of Kain world. it might get a bit boring but so far its enjoyable. Insanity's Blade 7-10: super fun throw back side scroller, I usually hate indie side scrollers....because it seems like that's all that ever gets made now; but this game is super fun if not just a BIT too frustrating.   HOT LALALAINE MIAMI! 9/10 still: yup, the neon mistress caught me again, so much blood, so many track suits..... I hate to do...
Oh martin...I love you. I will keep you posted when I find it and when I play it. might have to get some jerry-rigging to make it work though.unrelated to horror; I should be playing "life is strange" soon.also, found it and getting it right meow. I have the worst web-cam right now but it might have to make due until my new one comes in the mail. 
yeah man; I was super excited for this to come out. I can't wait to play it.
aight, I will get it and play it soon. I will keep you posted.
Been playing Insanity's Blade a lot lately; It's an interesting sidescroller. Really hard though, its very castlevania...maybe 7/10? I have a streaming channel now and if anyone would like to watch or suggest games for me to play feel free!
oh lawd
speaking of which.Hellraise inferno. 6/10. I had to re-watch it on account of being black out drunk the first time. A pretty good movie and oddly cerebral for a hellraise movie; the fact that the 4-8 were re-purposed horror movie scripts is why they were all so different. Not a bad movie really; has little to do with...well anything hellraiser related until the end. But after that it's pretty good. Hellraise Hellseeker 5/10. once again an oddly cerebral Hellraiser movie. A...
The Babadook -7/10. A really good thriller and horror movie; it is clearly trying to blur the lines between ghost story and human horror. I think it did a great job but it did seem a little slow and too campy at times; I wish it had been longer and given more explanation as to what the Babadook was...because the ending REALLY blurs what is actually going on.   HellRaiser 8/10: a great horror movie through and through; it is a nice reminder to see that horror movies don't...
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