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E.Y.E Devinne Cybermancy 6/10 Yeesh, a shooter stuck in the early 90's but made recently. Not all bad and has GREAT RPG and a lot of D&D like quality's to it...this is overshadowed by the rather insane difficulty curve that seems to be a thing for no other reason than to shuffle you down a certain character build pathway. A game like this is not made better by having an infinite spawn of enemy's in every area that seems to have exact knowledge of where you are from the...
Sony "TV" might be worth looking into. its a little box for 100$ that you can buy vita games for. rather then 300 on a vita.
I got a 3ds, I only have 4 games for it but do not regret it. It's a really solid system and actually has support....unlike the poor Vita. Why have you forsaken it sony....why?
Hotline Miami, again. 8/10. seriously one of the most fun games I have played this gen; so unrelentingly violent and an acid trip fueled beat pumping jam cast of a score to murder hundreds of nameless faceless pawns too. If you are not a fan of ultra most likely won't like this game, if you ARE a fan of fairly cerebral story lines then you will like this game.
playing DreadOut Finally, it's really good....except the first actual boss you fight it just beyond ludicrous.  a maybe 5x8 broom closet with something that can reach land speeds of well over 700MPH and you take out your camera as if time is slowing down....needless to say its insanely frustrating and is always on the offensive; running is not an option when it "enrages" so if you pick the wrong part of the room to sit and wait for it to pop up and snap a pic just...
First for scout main! love and war update bringing new weapons to the table!
The "amazing" spider man2: 4/10 it was anything but amazing. I was being forced to watch more than one movie and a music video at the same one movie. This really was just a teen romance, action comedy, and shock horror movie cut together around a big dubstep music video. Some of the choices by the writers or directors...I don't know which were just down right silly. I wouldn't say I hate it...but I have no desire to ever see it again.
no; he just threw a tantrum. We can continue to rate games and ignore him. Dragon's Dogma(again) 8/10 this time around.My initial playing experience was good; not fantastic. The game isn't too hard and is pretty fun, but YOU are the sole motivator for the game to continue; quests are fairly non linear and the gears pretty cool even if it is fairly limited in the vanilla world. The game REALLY opens up in past game, this is something I never reached on my first attempt as I...
I love how you claim to work in the industry, and will not tell us where. Spoilers happen in reviews sometimes; the "spoiler" you saw has nothing to do with the game and you're being a child.
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