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Thanks guys, then I will have to look elsewhere :(     Enjoy your 1350th! :)
Very nice! I would say that qualifies as the 2nd best place to put your phones.... :)
I have read that they are comfy, but what about clamping? I had the AKG K81 DJ and the Sennheiser HD 280 and could not stand them at all because of the clamping force... I am afraid it would be the same with the 1350...?
Indeeeed! Very nice video/review.
Hi guys, I know I should not mention the forbidden vendors name here on head-fi, but while I was trying the K701 and a few other phones at a local hifi store I tried the Bose AE2 as well. SQ wise they are probably overpriced, I can't tell because of the few mins I was using them and the music that was playing, but oooh man those phones were comfy! Out of all the phones I had I would only consider the Sennheiser HD 495 (RIP) as comfy as these.   Anybody that knows...
Hi guyys, for sale WAS a Hedstage Arrow 12HE 3G. The unit comes with the original screwdriver to open the case, the usb cable and the power strips :)   Optically I would rate the unit 9/10, technically 10/10 - no issues whatsoever.   I am asking - SOLD - Euro (Yes, price is in Euro!) including shipping within Germany - please contact me for shipping costs if you are outside of Germany.   Paypal accepted (add 3 Euros for the paypal fee)   Thanks, Andre
Ordered this week, should arrive in the office on monday :)   Deodato - "Prelude " Deodato - "Deodato 2" Sara Tavares - "Live in Lisboa Live in Lisboa" The Derek Trucks Band -"Roadsongs" Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard -"Rheingold" Fischer Z - "Highlights 1979-2004/Best of" Robert Cray -"Strong Persuader" Antonio Carlos Jobim - "Stone Flower" Tangerine Dream - "Stratosfear" Robin Mckelle - "Modern Antique" Bruce Hornsby - "Greatest Radio Hits" Terje Rypdal -...
If you want to go real crazy, you can always try to join one of the local head-fi meets. That way you could find out if an amp would be a good idea, listen to others recommended music etc.    
When I was around your age I was spending a lot of money on computer gear, but I always had to sell stuff to be able to afford something new. My parants weren't happy, but OTOH they prevered me spending my money for geek stuff then alcohol or drugs...   I still managed to pull through. A lot of things changed since then an nowadays youngsters seem to spend a lot more money then "we" did when we were young.     Maybe just one thing I can really say that will be...
Then you should probably take a look the Beyerdynamic DT250, very comfy even if somebody accidently locks you in the office and no bassmonsters - at least from my point of view, and they are covering my ears right now :)   IIRC they are the same size as the HD280. The HFI 2400 (open) is more comfy for me, but thats because I do not like the pleather/leather pads.   The Zero DAC is surely a good pick if you read through the threads, I would go a for DAC/AMP combo at...
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