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I like five guys cuz you get unlimited toppings lol. Animal style is definitely the way to go!Ps3 is cheap used now. I got a 3rd set for 50 bucks used.In-N-Out is sooo much better than the bigger burger chains. Imo.I didn't like steak and shake, they were too expensive for what you got.Yeah five guys is awesome.
 i love in-n-out.  No hype...its just good for the price you pay.  Double double animal style....mmmmmhhh.  I like Five Guys more but in-n-out is great for how fast it is and how much.  
Should I pick up a 4TB NAS for 50 bucks?  still debating.
 of course I am!  I'm going to look like a prof. athlete on a budget!
I think he meant... That on top of sounding amazing, they also isolate better now with the new tips
There is definitely more bass with the magnums.
The shirts? Sounds and smells like sunshine
If only there was a rockbox touch... I'd go back to this rig In a heart beat
It's still ugly
Gaw those are ugly, now it looks like cheap Monster headphones but the iem version.
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