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Indeed, time for an update (or release, preferably) about these upcoming 'phones!
Well... You happen to be bad news for me. ;) My headphones died a week after my decision to buy the 790's! Now that they are delayed, I'm stuck with my standard earbuds. I'm not the type with money growing on my back, to get me another model for now. I want to try the 790's and that's final! Now I have to wait (in the worst case) over 2 months...
I made a topic for these new 'phones: Still no update!
When will they be available? ... I'm sure to buy the iM-790! Maximo Products Debuts 7-Series iMetalĀ® Isolation Earphones
Quote: Originally Posted by Andrew H foam I'm totally getting the 790!
Quote: Originally Posted by Andrew H Actually they do have their tests for iM-590 and iP-HS5 (the headset version) on there. Or they recently took them down? Yes, their tests were never offline for the iM-590. I only meant that they won't bother doing such extensive measurements when a newer model is about to be released (maybe you've already sent them the new iM-790 ) Andrew, I guess you know already (however it's always subjective, as you...
Quote: Originally Posted by yipcanjo Andrew -- As an employee of a well-respected IEM manufacturer, it seems that you are in a position to put this "burn-in" or "not burn-in" debate to rest. I mean, if "burn-in" actually works (and I think it's quite likely that it does), then shouldn't it be able to be verified and documented? Is there an accurate way to discern the output/quality of an IEM, and thus track how it changes over time? Test it...
how much time did you burn in? the IEM guide says that 50 hours is good.
Quote: Originally Posted by DmitryG I am having now: received a tracking number. Waiting. please report when you finish waiting
Is a good reseller for the Maximo iMetal iM590? I don't know the shop, so it might be fake, but I don't think it is. Anyone has experience?
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