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What about the Swan M10? It's a decently priced 2.1 system!
Nothing yet. Still looking. I got an offer for €134 (= $188) for the Edirol MA-15DBK's (new), but now I do want an accurately produced bass. That means that I might get better value for money if I spend around €150 ($210) for a 2.1 set with satellites that have a response that sounds great with the subwoofer. Don't know anything about 2.1 sets.   The other day a read a PC magazine comparing 2.1 sets up to €150 and the Edifier Prisma was the best option for the money...
I've ordered a toslink cable to connect my Creative Audigy 2 ZS digital out to any bookshelf speaker with optical in. I found the Edirol MA-15DBK (or just 15-D, not black version, ugly imho) and the Behringer MS40, which is 33% percent cheaper. I'm inclined to getting the Edirols, because I read good things about them. The Behringers also sound nice in reviews, but I read that the brand is not that good quality. They seem to try to sell as much as possible for as little...
Thanks for the info, Melie! I think those AV40 would be great for my needs. I think, though, that buying speakers with a built in dac would best fit my needs. The Behringer ms40 has a built-in dac. Does anybody know if they are good speakers?
  Do these speakers have much coloration? I read everwhere that "studio monitors have flat responses", so they reproduce the sound as precise as possible. And how do you describe your coloration preference? I listen to electronic music mostly, but I don't prefer a stong bass over clear mids and sharp highs. I want to hear the full spectrum.   Is it possible to equalize from your computer so you can change the coloration, if I don't like the way the vanilla speakers sound?
So you suggest? ...   A subwoofer? ;) Or just other speakers?
By the way: I don't want the sound te be flat. So if you know what kind of color any speaker you recommend has, I'd like to know. And if the sound is flat, do you think the speaker is EQ'able?
  1. Well it is a computer setup, but the portable uses of that DAC / headphone amp sound great for my needs. There's another difference between the udac2 and the mobile: the udac2 is 24 bit and has a higher bitrate, the mobile has 16 bit of depth. Is the difference hearable, or does this depend mostly on your source or speakers?   2. I have a Creative Audigy 2 ZS sound card, with SPDIF capabilities I never used (but always have wanted to use). So the external DAC is not...
That udac2 might just be what I'm looking for but I can't find where to buy it near. I can find the nuforce icon mobile and comparing the specs, I can only see that the udac2 is more expensive, smaller, has a higher sampling frequency, but has no portable functions at all. Besides, the icon mobile has some great features. Does anybody have any experience with this icon mobile dac/headphone amp?  
Hi all!   I'm quite new to the forums, but I've been around here some time now. I really like the community, the sharing of the passion for high quality audio and the way you (we) all like it in our very personal way.   I'm thinking about purchasing some equipment for listening to music while in my room from the pc. I've read many threads on this forum, but they're all quite specific on some particular products, but I find it hard to find out what a basic (very...
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