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Great thread! Horribly long. ;)   I have a problem with my STX, see here for details: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/559963/problem-with-2-channels-with-asus-xonar-essence-stx   The software isn't working when in 2 channel mode! :( Please reply over there or PM me if you know anything that could help.
EDIT: problem in this post solved, check this post for my current question: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/559963/headphones-for-asus-xonar-essence-stx#post_7568482   Today I installed my Asus Xonar Essence STX.   I'm currently setting everything the way I want, while listening to some music through the headphones. :) Sounds very good and I'm happy with it.   I have a question though, might be a problem: In the Xonar Audio Center, I don't get why...
Don't start about the sound quality, but most of the time I listen on a laptop through Grooveshark. It's an online music streaming service, which saves me the hassle of downloading music and paying for it or downloading illegally. The sound quality often sucks, but if you listen carefully to the quality, you can actually find some decent quality songs. Without any good hardware in the laptop (only my ultra portable headphones, that aren't high end either), the sound...
Used, but in very fine condition. I will ship anywhere, but I think the shipping is a bit high to other continents/countries. I'm from the Netherlands, so if you are dutch and want to check out this sound card for it's great price, then send me a PM!   Price is €10, shippping for the buyer (in NL about €1,80).   I have the card only, never bought the book, cd or box. Everything you need can be downloaded from the Creative website. For specifications, look on the...
So what about the Asus STX Essence in comparison with the Creative X-Fi Titanium HD? Which is better for music+gaming needs (mainly music)?   Oh and don't forget about windows 7 compatibility! I guess there's no problems there, but if so: please tell me!
The title says it all.   It's second hand, comes with everything and is in a used, but fully functional state. Price includes shipping to the Netherlands   Is it a good deal? I want to know it before friday, because this saturday the system will probably be sold to another person.   I searched on Ebay and Amazon, but I couldn't find it cheaper (including shipping to the Netherlands).
The PAX drivers make my Audigy sound quite amazing through my low-fi computer system! I'm impressed and happy.   What are the differences between the drivers from Daniel K and the PAX drivers? I know they can sound a bit different, but what are other differences, i.e. in software or EAX. Do any of these drivers enable EAX for Windows 7, or Alchemy for Audigy?
I like the lighter and smaller Crius better than the Ares, but both look very good! I vote:   Crius   Oh and by the way I found a small bug: the product page of the Crius has the title of the Ares product page!
    I think I found the answer to my question myself. Turns out the Creative forums are quite active and helpful. I found a guy with the same question: http://forums.creative.com/t5/Sound-Blaster/Does-EAX-work-over-digital-out-in-stereo/m-p/350717   By the way, DTS/Dolby Digital are both only functional for surround sound, aren't they? But I only use a stereo speaker system/headphones, so I really don't benefit from those features on my Audigy 2 ZS? Or does stereo sound...
I want the EAX functionality, so no KX for me? What's the difference between Daniel K's drivers and the PAX drivers?
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