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$295 shipping?!   Email Dimitri at Musica Acoustics for pricing.  He may even have some open box units available.
Another price reduction.
Trust worthy but don't be in any rush to get your product.  I happened to have the pleasure of waiting a little over a month to receive my Eterna's.  
  Another old rig.....Clip 1G & Kramer Modded KSC75
Price reduction.
Loved my zune.....sadly needed to transition to line out dock via apples dock connector. Really wish there was a quality lod for the zune players.
  Zune 80 and Grado SR-60.....Another old rig.
CK-10's are very similar to RE-0 in sound sig., but better in every way.  If you enjoy a balanced/bright phone the CK-10 are your best bet for a solid upgrade.  
  Sony S610 & JVC FX-300....Another old rig.
  Sony Walkman A820 &  Denon AH-C551......Old Rig
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