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We may be talking about the same thing. It's common for tubes to make loud pops and pings that are audible in the headphones during warm up.
I guess it depends on the amp design--and I don't remember what my amps did with pinging tubes because it's been a while.  They were never loud at all, so I had no worries of any damage to my headphones or ears.  They were certainly no louder than listening volume of the music. All vacuum tubes are microphonic, so they can pick up noise and transfer them to the headphones. Tapping the table can even transfer noise with some very sensitive tubes.
A few pops during warm up is normal as the materials expand from heat. If they continue for 30 minutes, then I'd consider a new tube. The pings won't hurt anything except your mind.
I've had many Tung-Sols and Chathams, and most of them had a rattle. It seems to be more common in these brands (same tooling facility). I've never had a problem with the rattle. I even have a Chatham where the plastic base came completely unglued from the glass. Still works fine.
I haven't. It's not a major deal---see the post above.
It's a Woo. Some tubes are quiet, where other are noisy. I believe, maybe incorrectly, that if some tubes make no noise, the amp may be ok. It's not a big deal because that amp rarely gets any use these days. I've significantly upgraded from it.
I wish I had your luck. My "luck" is probably due to my amp being very sensitive to tubes (I'd say 7 out of 10 tubes make noise in it) and my extremely sensitive hearing. I can't hear tube noise when the music is playing or if there is sufficient background noise in my home, but when it's quiet and I concentrate, I can hear the tubes making noise. Even my beloved 5998 tubes have a low level noise, but my RCA 6AS7Gs are by far the worst offenders. Heck, even one of my...
Agree. 6080, 7236, and 5998A are lower noise. The 6AS7 platform wasn't ever intended to be an audio tube, so I don't have any hard feelings towards noisy tubes.
The RCAs are nice sounding tubes--warm, romantic--sort of like the feeling you get after a glass of red wine. But, RCAs are the noisiest 6AS7G tubes I've ever experienced. They are all noisy, but these have more.
 All DACs reclock the incoming data, which is why the whole asynchronous USB was such a huge thing--the ability to better reclock it.  I've tested many DACs, and it's damn near impossible to tell the difference between USB, optical, and coax these days since USB has greatly improved. People will say optical has excessive jitter, which may or may not be true when compared to coax, but any differences are reclocked by the DAC and are inaudible by the human ear. Just because...
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