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Thanks. Mine is still warming up, but I have no complaints while it's cold--right from first start up.
I'll eat Ramen noodles for a while. My Gumby arrvied. Amp is the TEAC HA-501 and it's driving LCD-2F.
My Gumby arrived today.
Despite FedEx, traffic, and the universe conspiring against me, I can has a Gumby. Warming it up now, and it sounds magnificent even whole cold. Immediately noticeable. Smooth. No etch or glare. Microdetails.
No businesses ship on Sunday. It'll go out tomorrow. Patience.
I ordered a Gumby on Friday and got a shipped email about 40 minutes later.
I've driven my HD650s with several amps, and none are better than the TEAC HA-501. It's an overlooked amp, but it's my go-to. Seriously, it's magnificent. 
How long did it take to return to normal? What did it sound like cold?
That's what I like to hear. I have no complaints with the Uberfrost, but I'm looking forward to top tier gear and experiences.
That's what I'm expecting. I'm upgrading from Uberfrost. I'll probably send that in at some point for MBifrost upgrade, but I'm hearing that it's not in the same league as Gumby. The step up to Gumby is still huge, unlike from Uberfrost to Gungnir DS.
New Posts  All Forums: