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   If you are at 2 or 3 o'clock, either your source is too quiet or you're frying your ears.  My A2 pushes my DT990s just fine at 10 o'clock.
 I don't really consider the O2 as portable, although it's advertised as such.  It's easier to move.  When I think of portability, I think more so of a FiiO amp, which aren't bad for the money.  I have the E11 and it holds its own.
 Thanks! It is a nice amp for sure.
 Not many people have the TEAC because it never got to FOTM status like the Oppo.  Nothing against the Oppo, of course 
 Tube amps do benefit from a little warm up (tubes becoming active and also thermal stability).  Solid state amps are literally stable in about 10 seconds.
It's a mechanical mute. Perfectly normal and much safer than a firmware mute.
 My Bifrost gets warm, but it's not hot.
I turn everything off and then unplug everything.  No point in wasting electricity, shortening component lifespan, and risking lightening strikes when I'm not home.
 I have with the Shure 1540.  Very neutral presentation of the amp.  My tube amps are a little warmer, but the TEAC isn't clinical at all.
 The Glow amp has had a lot of good reviews and its owners seem to really like it.
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