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What didn't you like about the TEAC? I'm in the market for a new DAC and I'm turning over every leaf.
I did get a response, so that's pretty cool. Great customer service.     Hi, Thanks for your email, Optical is a recommended method of digital audio transfer for the reason that it is not susceptible to EMF interference as the coaxial cables are. While the coaxial cables are shielded against this, in extreme circumstances the interference can still break through and cause disruption on the audio.  The reservations...
Of course. I also want a tube input stage.
I would buy a Shiitphone only if it had a fully discrete JEFT analog output stage running in pure class A.
I believe the DAC chips are on the modular cards, just like Bifrost. The Uber upgrade card also includes the DAC chip.
From what I understand, the Gen 3 USB has some of the decrapification of the Wyrd. However, Wyrd is still said to improve the Yggy with Gen 3, so no one other than Schiit really knows what going on with that upgrade. It's quite possible Gen 3 USB will appear for Gungnir and Bifrost.
I think it will be a low chance the modulation portion is updated like everyone is hoping for. It's one thing to update the Bifrost analog stage, and it's another to update the entire digital front end of the Gungnir to R2R modulation. If anything, the Gungnir Uber (if it will exist) will maintain the same Delta-Sigma modulation but have a new analog stage similar to the Yggy. Also, don't forget the that the Gungnir has already been updated once. USB gen 2 was a monumental...
Not too long ago, people debated about the speed at which CDs were burned impacting sound quality. Slower burns were "deeper and more accurate" than fast burns, or at least some derivative of that nonsense. Audiophiles will debate every last tweak. 
Can someone explain to me the DSP filter the Yggy is using? 
Thanks for your impressions. I'm mostly happy with my Bifrost, but my tax return is burning a hole in my pocket. I'm considering Gungir or Teac UD-501. My amp does have XLR in.
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