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The $30,000 speaker cable companies exist for a reason, too--because people will pay for it. Galvanic isolation is great when you have ground loops. That's one reason they are in business. Another is people believe it sounds better, even if they don't have ground loop problems. The key word there is "believe." To each his own.
The difference in jitter between optical vs. usb cannot be heard by human ears, and even if it could, it's a non-issue because DACs reclock the incoming data. It's not a problem.
I'll also throw this out there:   Even though I'm a huge Schiit fanboy and own several of their components, it's not all rainbows and unicorns. Despite their claimed extremely low noise figures, I've found their unbalanced gear to have some of the highest noise of any components I've ever heard. Their balanced gear is ultra silent, but their unbalanced offerings leave much to be desired. Best case scenario, I have dirty power and their gear is extremely sensitive to...
This is normal. No gear is noise-free at 100% gain. Also, since you maxed out your computer volume and you're hearing distortion, it's probably because the amp is clipping. Turn down the computer volume.
How loud is the hum? It sounds like it's ground looping. Can you try feeding it into another amp?
If it removes the hum, go with it. I don't claim to have golden ears, but I've never heard a difference between optical and coax. While jitter can be measured, the differences in them cannot be discerned by the human ear. Anyone that claims they can hear the difference is just making it up. Trust me. I am using optical to feed my MB Gungnir (Gumby). Works great. Also, before USB improved in recent DACs, it was very common for people to use USB to optical converters. No one...
Definitely a ground loop of some kind. Switch to optical if you can. I've used optical for years just because it breaks up electrical connections between devices.
I've been saying for a few years now it's an amazing amp and very unnoticed and underrated.  Feed it a balanced signal, and it only gets better.
Chris at Charleston Cable Company is awesome. He has made a fee cables for me.
You're right about some of the exaggeration due to the noise canceling and internal amplification. I've heard much worse, and these are pretty good. For the price, I can't complain.   Also, these blocked airplane noise much better than I thought it would when I flew for Christmas.
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