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Sabre is known to render the treble a little spitty. Are you hearing that or is the distortion more than that?
The new Mac OS basically works like a phone, so maybe your mother would like that.
I should elaborate a little. The T50RP drivers are cheap and sound cheap. They have that cheap midrange honk that never goes away, even with extensive modding.
I never understood the whole Mad/Alpha Dog (and even Alpha Prime) love because the T50RP is a low-grade driver that can be made to approach mid-grade, but never even approaching that price point. 
Interestingly, when I had the Valhalla for a short period, it never made a popping noise, even though I knew it was bleeding DC. I don't know enough about topology or offset, but I have owned enough amps and preamps that don't pop or blow up the power amp to know it's possible to design such a device. 
I don't like the loud pop that comes through my headphones when turning off my various Schiit amps (ones with relays installed). I know it's supposedly safe, and we can always unplug our headphones before turning the amp off, but other amps I've owned over the years don't pop, so I know it's possible to make them. There's just something unsettling about hearing the pop come through a $500 or $1000 headphone.
I've only had one tube ever fail, and interestingly it was after several hours of leaving it on when the temperature was stable. Arced and died a violent death. The tube also had dozens of hours on it. It made awful popping noises through my headphones, and I was scared I blew my drivers, but I didn't, luckily.
Another issue to consider is electromagnetic discharge. Make sure you're properly grounded and even wear a grounding wrist strap. One little discharge can fry a chip.
The PCM1704 is, and will only become more, the Tung-Sol 5998 tube. Every NOS will be bought up, and eventually pulls from decommissioned gear will happen. I would be very skeptical of quality in a few years time. 
 This is the first thing that came to my mind:
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