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Currawong is probably watching.  Let's keep this thread on topic to avoid it getting locked down.
To my ears, it's a little warmer, smoother, and more musical. The treble is a hint sweeter.The A2 is clearer with more detail preservation, but it's more clinical. It's a great amp, but the A1 is more vintage to my ears.
I would be frustrated if I bought something and then have an upgraded version immediately come out. But, keep a few things in mind: 1) Schiit said they would take care of people within the window. 2) Just because a new version comes out, it doesn't mean the old version is suddenly no good. 3) Who's to say the new version better fits your preferences? The version you bought was researched and/or auditioned. It was chosen for a reason. The new version, which you have never...
I'm interested in a definitive answer as why someone (other than upgradeability) would buy the Bifrost over the Modi 2 Uber, especially since it's being marketed as the Bifrost Mini?  Why wouldn't I just just buy a new Modi 3 or Modi 4 (assuming they exist) every time the product cycles, which are probably near the cost of the Bifrost upgrade parts?
Is $100 a big deal to you?Do you have high rez files that need the full usb bandwidth?Will you always have a Mac with optical out? Answer those questions and you'll know whether to buy it or not.  I hear no difference, and I typically use optical to keep electrical isolation between devices. 
I worded my last post poorly.  If you used a stock HD800 cable with a common ground, I don't know what to tell you.  It's a strange result to have the static.
Without seeing the headphones, it's tough to say. But, I suspect you put on balanced connectors onto wires setup for a common ground.
You probably have a bad ground in the headphones.  I suspect the amps handle the grounding differently. 
I could hear no difference between optical, coax, and usb on my Bifrost Uber. Do you have Gen 2 usb on your bifrost? In the end it doesn't matter, but optical may sound cleaner because it doesn't have an electrical connection with your computer, which may carry background noise.  However, optical has lower bandwidth than usb, which may cause some problems if you have high rez 24/192 files.
I believe in parsimony--the easiest answer is often the correct one.  The amp isn't causing those problems if those sounds aren't heard on other headphones.  Somehow your re-wiring project didn't go as planned and you messed up your headphones.
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