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Great, and thanks for the replies. I think I will be going with the IM70s!
Thanks for the replies guys,   About the CKR9, I would prefer something over the ear...   I think I will probably go for the IM70, I just wonder if the 9khz treble peak is real or audible?   http://en.goldenears.net/31885
From what I have read, the CKR9 doesn't isolate well enough?   Judging from the graphs over at goldenears is looks like the IM70 have a bigger treble spike compared to the IM02. But from reading impressions I don't know how accurate that is. Is it true that they test their IEMS with their own tips and not the included stock tips?
Does anyone have both the im02 and the im70? In direct comparison, which one has more sibilance or upper midrange harshness? Which one will work with poor quality files? I am coming from the BA200 and I find that nothing sounds harsh with them.   Thanks!
Awesome, thanks for the recommendation. These things sound incredible and in many ways remind me of the HD650s. I was having issues with fit and the tips but I settled on comply foamies. Great isolation, excellent bass and smooth all the way through the spectrum.
Hey guys, so I should have my rockets by tomorrow. Just wondering, anyone using spiral dots, how do you know what size to order?   Thanks
Thanks for the reply, based on what you said and looking at the measurements I went with the Aurisonic Rockets. Hopefully theres enough treble for me...
I'm thinking I don't have much of choice but to get the rockets. My other consideration was the IM02 which I think may be a little too lean/bright compared to the HD650s.
Hey guys,   I am looking to replace my TDK BA200 iems which sound amazing but give me sibilance with shallow insertion. What I am looking for is something with a similar tonal balance to the HD650s. I am just worried that the Rockets will sound a little too dark compared to the Senns.   THanks
Hey guys,   I am trying to replace my TDK BA200 which I love except for the sibilance I get with shallow insertion. Do you guys think this would be an issue with the IM02? What I am really after is an iem that similar to the HD650s and I am wondering how similar the IM02's tonal balance is to it. 
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