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Variable out is if you want to use it as dac with a preamp, to adjust the volume of powered speakers or a power amp. 
I think the 1ohm mod is included for free now. They're trying to generate interest.   I just bought a used 1ohm with variable output for 399, otherwise I would have been all over this deal! It is impossible to find a well regarded and properly tested dac/amp/preamp under 500$. Everything else comes up short, either in performance, functionality or durability/reputability. Really looking forward to hearing this unit, should be here next week. Still going to hang onto my...
Just a heads up to anyone interested. Everyone's favourite groupbuy website has the Centrance dacmini cx on sale for 50% off or $399.   Enjoy
pm sent
K, I took your guys advice and didn't get a wide headphone stand. Just picked up a woo stand instead. I'm not one to show off or display things, but audeze phones are like pieces of art. Definitely worth displaying it on the desk, instead of hiding it away... that way I can remind myself why I am poor...
Thanks for the suggestion. I really like the sound of the O2, and I am not a fan of audio-gd. I would be more enthusiastic if they provided some measurements or at least specs that would give me some idea of its performance.
HD650 HD600   The HD558 are pretty good headphones. In that price range they are probably the best at imaging and soundstage while still having sufficient bass and mids.   Some of the others on your list are less balanced than the sennheisers and would sound better with specific genres etc. The sennheisers are excellent all rounders. In your price range I would recommend also checking out the q701, dt770, dt880.
Hey guys,   Planning on building a passive pre for use with an odac (500 ohm output impedance), going to a set of LSR305 studio monitors. The studio monitors are active and have a volume control on the back. I was planning on building the preamp with a dact type 21 from ebay. The only thing is I don't know which pot to get. 5K ohm or 10k ohm? In this situation should I run the monitors rear volume control wide open?   thanks
Hey everyone,   I am trying to figure out a way of using my studio monitors with the rca dac outputs from my o2/odac custom combo. From what I have read you can't use the odac to output to speakers and headphones at the same time. So if I am using speakers, I just turn off the o2 amp. When using the o2 amp I don't want to turn off my studio monitors (for various reasons). In addition to this, I want to use a conventient volume control to control the studio monitors. So...
Fair enough and I agree, however spring steel doesn't stretch easily as it has a helluva memory. With the pads being more compressed it brings the headband further from its extremes. This also reduces the relative recoil of the headband and therefore less clamping force is experienced.
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