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Hey guys, I am about to pick up either the AKG K712 or K702 anniversary edition. I have noticed a few people on here having issues with driver rattle. Is that actually common? If qc is an issue with the k712, I may just go for the annies. If I pick up the annies what are the odds that I will get the new k712 pads and not the old k702 annie pads?
Yeah but the dac out doesnt have native preamp functionality. I was looking for a variable line out.
Hey guys, I was thinking of making a custom o2/ odac. I was thinking of placing it in a larger enclosure and making it rear powered. I wanted to internally run the headphone out to a 2 way switch, one side going to a 1/4 headphone jack and the other going to a set of rca jacks in the rear. I figure this would allow me to easily switch between dac/preamp to my speakers (with unity gain) and headphone amp.   What do you guys think? Would this work? Also, would I experience...
So I am having some problems with RMAA, when I set my levels it says "high distortion in the recorded signal", but if I lower the volume it says the level is too low. I am using the line in on my xonar dg...   edit: I gave up on rmaa measurements, just doesn't want to play nice with my system. Another thing I found was that when I listened to etta james - at last, there is audible distortion when I plug with my external odac into the O2, whereas that distortion is gone...
Yeah I was going to do that, then I got a message from JDS and I decided on taking the slacker route... but you are right. I will give it a whirl tomorrow :) 
Hey guys,   So I talked to jds labs and they are going to test both units and let me know whats up. It is probably best this way. Thanks for the advice, I will let you know whatsup
I decided to post this here in sound science as I would prefer a logical approach to fixing my problem. I figured you guys could perhaps point me in the right direction.   So I just picked up an asgard 2 today and was planning on getting rid of my O2/Odac combo. The asgard 2's posted specs should make it technically as transparent as the O2 amp. I went with the asgard 2 for functionality as I like having a preamp and big/smooth volume pot. The source for the Asgard 2 was...
Im using the jbls without a sub and they work wonderfully. Sufficient bass quantity and extension down to the low 40hz range, thats lower than most 5" or even 6" bookshelves will go. If you want those "hit me in the chest" explosions for movies you would need a sub. I suggest get the speakers first and decide after if you need a sub.
+1 JBL LSR305   I came from a set of audioengine a5s. Then I stepped up to the JBLs and I have to say, it is in a completely different league. 
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