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So I am in the process of building my crack and just painted the top plate with rustoleum hammered bronze. I tried every technique under the sun but I can't the hammered finish to appear. It comes out looking like a shiny uniform metallic bronze with pinholes in it. I tried lighter coats but that gives it a uniform textured finish. Hammered spray paint is supposed to look like the end of the below video. So anyone have any ideas? If not it's going to the powder coaters...
The HD650 pads get really soft the more you use it. If you want to speed that up, remove the pads and gently wash in luke warm water, gently squeeze the pads (flat) and let it air dry. Be forewarned it does change the sound, less bass (booo) and a more expansive airier sound stage (yay). Not really worth the trade off in my opinion but an old pair of HD650 with worn pads and broken in headband are like a pair of fur lined slippers.
 Snarky? I took it as a compliment. It's cheap, reliable, versatile and gets the job done! It's the model of efficiency... Seriously though, I had JDS Labs mod mine, so the 1/4 inch headphone out is switched and connected to the rear rca out. At 1x gain it makes on helluva a preamp, so now I have a true desktop O2/ODAC with a headamp/preamp/dac all in one. It makes the HD650 sing.
No shared ground?
haha no problem,    There was a flash sale for $315 or so, but it was for a couple of hours and is the cheapest they have ever been officially sold for. The usual best sale price is around $350 new.
Awesome deal, even for a used price. The only time I have seen them go for that much or less, is when they were the old black screen version or if they were really worn.    Nice score!
 LMAO, this hobby costs too much!
FOTM you say? Well then look no further than Project Ember ;)
Well FOTMs come and go, but the crack has been recommended for years. Probably a good sign that there really is something special about the combination. 
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