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If you are experiencing hiss, I would contact Cavalli. My amp is absolute dead silence at all reasonable volume levels.
The pot in this amp is the best I have ever used. Totally quiet and the degree of volume control it exacts, particularly at low volumes, is nothing short of exceptional. Edit: amp
That's funny you mention this. I plugged mine into my LAu as well, also my S5s. I experienced the same as you, a significant step up in SQ. But here's to a fellow HF'er with the balls to post about plugging a set of buds into a high end amp. And realizing it actually works. Cheers!
Like new DFR. Original box, etc. Can send pics but it looks like all the other DFR's you have seen. Shipping included. PP add 3.5%.   Cheers.
^ You should grab that camera and take more photos.
Gilly,Thank you very much for keeping us informed. Makes the wait much more palatable, unlike other companies who have kept us in the dark regarding similar new devices.Cheers,wc
Almost like new iPad Pro 256 gb. One minimal small scratch on the screen that is only noticeable if looking for it/inspecting. Not visible when in use. Logitech smart case/keyboard included (with Apple Pencil) for an extra $95. Buyer pays 3.5% PP fee. Insured shipping included in asking price. ellular options include AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile & GigSky. Cellular modem on this device has never been activated. Original box included.
Mint Cavalli Liquid Carbon. First production run. First Owner. Original box. Awesome sounding balanced amp. Shipping included at asking price. Buyer pays 3.5% PP fee. No trades.
Brand new, in box, shrink wrap intact. 3rd Generation. Purchased less than two months ago. Shipping included in asking price. Buyer pays 3.5% Paypal fee. No trades.
Perfect or near perfect condition Sony MDR-Z7 headphones with internal Mogami wire upgrade, cable jack upgrade to three pin mini XLR (Audeze) and Nucleotide balanced cable. The cable terminates with two 1/8" jacks for direct connection to Sony PHA-3 or Pono player. Also included is an adapter to terminate in 4 pin balanced. Ridiculously comfortable phone with some of the best bass I have heard. These can be worn for hours and hours with zero fatique. Original box.
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