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I want the upgrade for sure.
I am going to reiterate/sound like a broken record one more time.   PC/Tidal/Audiophilleo(battery)/Gumby/(balanced)-LC-> re-cabled Z7 = A sound so addictive I just can't stop, won't stop...
 I would (highly) recommend modding both the internal wiring and external cable. My pair has only modded internal/external wiring with no other mods. I have been listening to them balanced out of an LC for some time now. The last time I heard such hard hitting, tonally correct bass, realistic midrange, extended treble and non-linear soundstage was from a pair of cans and amp costing many, many times more. I continue to enjoy and be impressed by these phones, night after...
 I have both the Z7 and the HD598. Imo, the Z7 is far superior for games, music and movies. Possibly my favorite headphone of all time. To my ears the 598's sound muffled and dull in comparison.
I can provide that as soon as my LAu arrives.
That's more than awesome!! You win!!!
My Z7s, driven by Gumby/Liquid Carbon is so good I have spent way more time listening to music than paying attention to HF. Just sayin'.
I do, have been using them for a few months mainly with rock. I highly recommend them.
That's its only possible future. If MQA requires file management, I'll never use it. If it sounds as good or better than Tidal AND is just as or easier to use, then I'm there.
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