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Addicted2Audio has them retailing in Australia for $1599 
There is a set of universals on ebay Australia (not mine) but wish I had $ at the moment.
A  Most Wanted Man - 8/10
 +1 Thanks for sharing this one :)
Put your multimeter on the ends of the wires and on the 3 x invidual sections of the viablue. Use a marker. Quick google of a pic Edit: Turn your MM to the sound/beeper so when you connect the two conductors i.e. the tip and the correct wire it beeps   Hope this makes sense and helps :)
OK have found this site so far:
Yeah would love to buy some High Res music too but as I don't reside in the US it won't work. Maybe HD Tracks should alter their post with a disclaimer saying US only.
Gary Clark Jr - When My Train Pulls In   Thanks Rep  
Out Of This World    
Ive heard once you "test" the CLAP you never get rid of it ;-)
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