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 $1412 Aussie pesos with all fees and CC charges as well as EMS at PriceJapan based on todays rate. Im sure you maybe able haggle a small bit with some of the Sony stores.
Ok Ive come back and bought a pair after auditioning them with my RX3B and DX50. I got a deal that I just couldn't refuse from Simon at Perth Sony store - he gave me ~30% off. Will be building a silver balanced transportable cable for them.
Whiplash 8/10   Acting is superb to the extent I found myself really hating JK Simmonds. Some great jazz tracks - Whiplash and Caravan.    
Just cancelled my order of the ZX1 what with the ZX2 announced and now kinda thinking I wished I went with the order. $550AU on special for Xmas. Other than capacity and design the specs appear to be similar. Dang!
I havent been able to put this one down over Xmas
I dont mind. Wonder if that means a new one is about to hit! Thanks for the headsup
I used EMS. I figured, whether correctly or incorrectly, that if they go missing in transit or get damaged in transit, then its my problem not Audeze's or any manufacturer for that matter. So I sent them EMS and insured them for $600 Aussie Pesos
like fingernails scraped down a blackboard 
I just got my 2nd pair back that lasted 2 x years to the week almost and both sides have been upgraded to Fazors (or at least the mesh inside the cup has changed). Anyways I only had to pay for the postage $140AU. They sound better than the the "C" pair I sent back. This pair have the highs back that I felt I just didn't have with my 2nd pair. Anyways Im happy as I have them back for the Xmas break.
That post was a while ago before their release in AU. They are going for $649 a few weeks ago when I auditioned them. I ended up leaving the store without them as they were dissappointing compared to my LCD3s/HD800s and even my HiFiMan i400 sounded better (IMHO). I think they look and feel top shelf and really good and I so wanted to hand the cash over there and then but it is what it is and for the life of me I just couldn't get my head around the sound. Hopefully Sony...
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