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I havent been able to put this one down over Xmas
I dont mind. Wonder if that means a new one is about to hit! Thanks for the headsup
I used EMS. I figured, whether correctly or incorrectly, that if they go missing in transit or get damaged in transit, then its my problem not Audeze's or any manufacturer for that matter. So I sent them EMS and insured them for $600 Aussie Pesos
like fingernails scraped down a blackboard 
I just got my 2nd pair back that lasted 2 x years to the week almost and both sides have been upgraded to Fazors (or at least the mesh inside the cup has changed). Anyways I only had to pay for the postage $140AU. They sound better than the the "C" pair I sent back. This pair have the highs back that I felt I just didn't have with my 2nd pair. Anyways Im happy as I have them back for the Xmas break.
That post was a while ago before their release in AU. They are going for $649 a few weeks ago when I auditioned them. I ended up leaving the store without them as they were dissappointing compared to my LCD3s/HD800s and even my HiFiMan i400 sounded better (IMHO). I think they look and feel top shelf and really good and I so wanted to hand the cash over there and then but it is what it is and for the life of me I just couldn't get my head around the sound. Hopefully Sony...
I sent them last week and they were attempted delivery on Saturday but more likely today Tuesday (Au time) Mon west coast time. To the other posters - Ive never heard of the the 2F and 3F descriptions. I love the sound but listening to my friends new fazored (failed drive LCD3c and returned F'd) his sounded crisper in the highs than mine. 
Im in the same boat is you it appears. Just as a side issue did they replace your LCD3s and give you a new set or replace the drivers only? And also how long did Audeze have them before sending them back to you. I would love to get mine back before Xmas but am not holding my breath
Well Im on my 2nd pair of LCD3's (non-veiled) and just had to RMA them to Audeze. Left driver started to flicker in and out and finally went altogether. They are less than 2 years old. Ever since I got this set I have never been 100% happy with the sound compared to my brief stint with my 1st set. Anyways they are enroute to Audeze now so hoping they do whatever they do real fast and Fedex that back to me ASAP.
Ive managed to read the last 200 pages and if its been mentioned I apologise in advance. In relation to amping this DAP   * Does the ZX1 have a noisy 3.5 line out and do you get hi res FLACs playing this way * Does the WM LOD allow high res line out.   Always interested in a decent DAP that I can externally amp/DAC, brick stack for transportable listening.
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