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The best impressions I could find on the internet are from Phile Web - but obviously some issues with Google translation!     Was released in the year 2005 "AT-HA5000" to brush up, and specifications Asada cherry tree Hokkaido finishing lacquer Echizen upscale from ebony stripe the front panel headphone amplifiers Limited to commemorate its 50th anniversary "AT- HA5000ANV "it.  AT the 50th anniversary of its founding headphone...
I haven't heard either of the headphones mentioned (I do own an LCD-2 v1. though), but based on your music preferences I would seriously consider the ATH-W3000ANV.  
You have to put the EMS tracking number in your home country's postal service website in order to track it once it enters your home country  - if you haven't already done this. 
That's what I was told by the head of a company that builds amplifiers.  Now whether or not you can hear differences between the two is a whole other question!  I'm not sure that I hear any real differences myself.     
This link explains the benefits of DC coupled vs AC coupled.  I was advised that if you don't hear a 'pop' when you turn the amp. on, then you can use DC coupled inputs without damaging your headphones.
I find the seal much better and the ear cups more comfortable on the W3000ANV, compared to the W1000X.  I hardly notice that they are on my head.  Obviously this is going to be a very personal issue depending on head size and shape.     I believe that my hat size is 7 5/8, which is the bottom end of XL.  I hope that helps for comparison purposes.
Mine is "0079"
That is the combination of full sized headphones I will be down to by the end of the week.  The LCD-2 rev.1 for rock/pop, and the W3000 for just about everything else.    
I don't find that the AT-HA5000ANV pairs well with my W1000X, and so my W1000Xs are going.  The W1000X sounds a LOT smoother out of my RWA Isabellina HPA (original version).  The brightness of the AT-HA5000 doesn't work, IMO, with the W1000X, and it sounds rougher to me.  I would love to hear others' opinions on this, as likely the AT-HA5000 standard version is the same or close to the same as the ANV edition.   I listen to mostly classical/acoustic music, but if I...
  Purchased new in April, 2010 from PriceJapan.  Condition 9/10.  Tiny dentation on one ear cup.  Reducing number of headphones.   Original packaging.  PLEASE NOTE THAT AD IS CHANGED FOR BUYER TO PAY SHIPPING.   PayPal only please.  Add 3% for fees.  
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