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Version 1 with no returns/issues since purchasing them new in 2010. 'A' version of the grills and angled connectors. 9/10 condition - no marks, scratches, etc. They have been carefully looked after and stored. Also comes with a 2nd cable, the ADZ-5. It came in a wooden box, which has a crack across the top, but is otherwise fine for storage. My reason for selling my LCD-2s is that I primarily listen to my ATH-W3000ANVs with matching amplifier, and have recently...
I look forward to reading your impressions of the HA-5000 ZenErik.
I can assure you that with the AT-HA5000ANV amplifier there is nothing hazy about the W3000ANV sound.
Thanks, MikePio.  It is always reassuring when a fellow Head-Fier has similar impressions of a product!
When connected to a computer via usb the batteries are not used. I have never experienced clipping with mine, but I would suggest you contact someone in Support at Headroom.
I assume you have checked the batteries?
Korzena, I agree with your comments on the amp. although the ANV version may have some improvements. It works well with the ATH-W3000ANV headphones, which to my ears sound perfect on this matched amplifier, but more average on the RWA amp. I spent a couple of hours with the LCD-2/ HA-5000ANV combination last night. The amp. brightens the sound somewhat, the mids don't seem as smooth, and it doesn't seem to impact the soundstage size much, if at all. I prefer the...
Hi kozena, Trying my LCD-2 v.1 with the HA-5000ANV is my next project! I would also be interested in your impressions of your setup with the W5000, as I am considering buying it. For what it's worth, I thought the AT-HA5000ANV was very revealing of the AT-W1000X's somewhat grainy treble, when compared to my AT-W30000ANV and so I sold mine immediately, even though I liked it a lot with the RWA Isabellina. Cheers.
I have posted some brief impressions of the AT-HA5000ANV combined with the ATH-W3000ANVs in the amplifier section of the Forum for anyone who may be considering that amp. for their ATH-W3000ANV or other Audio Technica headphones.
I have owned my AT-HA5000ANV now for just over 3 months.  I have been hesitant to comment on it earlier, as I also had purchased the ATH-W3000ANV headphones at the same time, and it has taken me a few months to develop strong impressions of both, compared to my other current setups and previous setups I have owned.   My current setup is MacBook Pro>iTunes/Amarra Mini> USB RWA Isabellina (original version)>AT-HA5000ANV.  I can use the Isabellina as a stand alone DAC...
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