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For classical music lovers (like me) I would also test the 701s on a Deutsche Grammaphon recording such as Yuja Wang, playing the Chopin Piano Sonata No.2 - the Funeral March track. I am not a headphones expert, but to me, the 701's present the lower registers of a grand piano the way they sound live - just my opinion.
The Music - Downloadable Music Albums - Bowers & Wilkins | B&W Speakers
I am a Newbie here so please don't flame me, but i have my 701s on now, listening to a high quality FLAC file that anyone can listen to the 30 sec. sample of on the Bowers & Wilkins site - Grindhouse (Mondo Cane), "Come Home". The downloadable version is better, but I think its sounds great with the 701's IMO, but i would love to hear opinions from the experts hear and have them explain to me what is missing with the 701s.
Quote: Originally Posted by Silenced Canadians seem to get screwed with pricing on everything. Outside the basic necessities of life (and those are only reasonable in certain areas) Canada is a very expensive place to be. That's why we have to rely on our friends to the south for competitive pricing!
My mistake. Best T1 quote I have seen in Canada is $1,050 and not $995.
Have you considered the AKG 701/702? My source is a Macbook Pro>Total Bithead>AKG 701/HD650 with mostly high quality classical lossless files. The AKGs are well within your budget and suggest you read the Stereophile review and others.
On the latest high end models it seems that the prices are comparable, i.e the Beyerdynamic T1 can be ordered in Canada for the same price as the U.S. discounted price of $995, but on older models - there is no comparison - and there is no duty on headphones ordered from the US - just GST. Shipping by USPS is cheapest but the waiting time can be 2 weeks with most of that time taken sitting in Canada Customs waiting for 'review'.
Deutsche Grammophon's 111th birthday (2009) 55 CD set, which can be downloaded in FLAC Lossless all or in part if preferred over the CDs. Many great sounding performances, and a number of famous old ones. If you haven't heard Emil Giles play Beethoven's sonatas, you are missing something, IMO, if you are a classical music lover.
Thanks for your feedback guys, it is greatly appreciated. Some very good ideas for me to research further!
I am a new member to the Forum and to headphone audiophile discussions, so please forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong place or if my question is a stupid one! What is a good DAC to go with the Raptor or HR-2 and Sennheiser HD650s? I am comfortable spending $1,000 on a DAC if the combination is better than the Red Wine Isabellina which I am also considering. My source is an '09 Macbook Pro using iTunes with a combination of AIFF files (for my ripped CDs),...
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