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I haven't heard the DT880s, but the HD650s have the sound closest to mid-concert hall seating for a classical orchestral performance for me. It is a somewhat dampened but rich sound to me, as opposed to a normal room's sound where there is generally a lot of reflected sound from windows and other hard surfaces. The AKG K701s have the most accurate grand piano sound and best soundstage I have heard. I can't speak to the other instruments and treble/bass issues...
Quote: Originally Posted by KCChiefsfan I thought they weren't setting prices, but rather saying what they can advertise. You'll come upon plenty of headphones (and other things) where you can't see the price until you put the item in the cart. Is that the practice the op is talking about? It's definitely not illegal. It's a pain though. Someone should make a site aggregating the prices shown in carts, or something like that. No I'm not talking...
Interesting that some large companies, in this day and age with the focus on corporate behaviour, would take the position that it is not per se "illegal" to develop their policies. This is a more challenging situation to address with private companies than with public companies, but it is still a very serious corporate governance issue IMO, and we as consumers should not let unacceptable corporate behaviour be tolerated. I for one would be prepared to support a letter...
I am surprised this has not come up prominently in Forum threads, as it is an important issue for consumers. Without naming specific manufacturers, why isn't this, when it can be proven, considered to be an anti-trust violation in the U.S.? If some manufacturers are in fact threatening retailers who discount MSRP pricing, we as consumers, should be concerned about this.
I may have an interest later this year in the group buy if it is still available - I am also considering the T1s. Cheers.
As Dell are now showing 1-2 weeks on their website, it appears that they may also be sold out.
Why doesn't this apply in the U.S. to Sennheiser? Price fixing can also occur between a manufacturer and a retailer if the manufacturer were able to require the retailer follow the "Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price." This type of price fixing has been illegal since 1911, thanks to the Supreme Court's decision in Miles vs Park when the Court said price fixing violated the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.
Matching U.S. prices seems like a reasonable strategy to me for products that are not subject to U.S. discounting. Ideas like your 'group buy' on the HD800/Cardas should also be very attractive to anyone purchasing that product - at least until U.S. retailers start discounting the HD800s. Incidently, you have the best price I have seen on the Wadia iTransport in Canada.
Quote: Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict The RWA's headphone section is a good match for the LA7000 - I have the Amphora with that amp in it and LA7000 with bubinga wood cups. Great review of the LA7000s incidentally. I really enjoyed reading it! Cheers.
Assuming you prefer the 650s' sound - the most important consideration IMO, I would be inclined to think longer term, as the 650s, by all reports on Head-Fi, scale well, and improve as you improve system components. Short term, (maybe ignorance is bliss here!), but I have been thoroughly enjoying my 650s using just a portable HeadRoom Total BitHead amp/DAC, and I could happily live with this setup for quite awhile if I wasn't in a position to buy a desktop amp and DAC. ...
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