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There is a current thread on sound related benefits from recabling (or not!), plus other recabling issues that the OP should read and form his own opinion. The Stefan AudioArt site (under Tips) and the HeadRoom site (according to the thread mentioned above) also give opinions of the Sennheiser HDxxx cables, but of course they are selling them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mochan One rule of thumb to keep in mind is that IEMs don't require amping. Period. Amps can help but generally I have yet to listen to an IEM that really benefitted (as in had a night and day diff) from listening from an amp compared to from a DAP. As long as your mp3 player is good then the IEMs will be golden. Amping not needed. I will be interested to see, if connecting to the line-out of my iPod Touch, using...
Ditto, but March 31st. Original order was March 12th.
First impressions of my new Comply Tx400 tips for my IE8s, compared with the standard tips. Please note that all comments apply to a greater or lesser extent depending on which standard tip was being used. My favourite standard tip is the medium olive. - Didn't use lossless files for this test or music I know best, which is classical piano - The IE8s I think sounded a lot more like my HD650s (see comments on richness and soundstage below) than they did with standard...
It seems like every time I read something on this Forum, and there are many well-written posts, that I'm spending more money ....actually my Comply tips will be arriving sometime later today.
You're right, and I have acknowledged the error above, but it doesn't change the main point of this thread either way. I'll buy you one.
For sheer sonic impact, as many people expect a relatively small sound from headphones, I haven't heard anything that comes close to The Power Station Get it On (Bang a Gong). You can try it out yourself for $1.29 on iTunes - their higher bitrate version. For classical, I agree with the Beethoven 5th Symphony recommendation above, or the last movement of the 7th Symphony, although both are sensitive to the particular recording. To feature a wide soundstage, I like...
Quote: Originally Posted by k3oxkjo I bought mine at Best Buy... You're right. I'll have to eat crow on that one!
This is an easy issue to intertwine with other just as important, but distinctly different issues, as raised by Currawong above and others. The issue of vertical pricing maintanence is a free market competition issue, which does not separately mean that the survival of brick and mortar businesses is not a legitimate concern. The bottom line for Head-Fiers, is that this is an issue that may be costing you personally hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Its up to you...
Apple has only corporate stores, i.e they are all owned by Apple, so your example isn't analagous to a vertical price maintenance scenario where the manufacturer has an arms length relationship to its dealers, i.e they are independent.
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