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A few very early impressions of the PF IXs and FI-BA-SSs. Please note that I have very little experience with IEMs other than with the Sennheiser IE8. Most of my listening was done with the PF IXs. I mentioned earlier in my first post on this thread, that I listen primarily to classical music, and so I started there with both of these headphones. My setup: MacBook Pro >Amarra (Toslink)>RWA Isabellina LFP-V (Pro DAC)>ATH- 5000ANV. I also tried them both out of an iPod...
Thanks for your welcome ianmedium! I have read your posts throughout this thread with great enjoyment, and look forward to reading more in the future.
I first came across Respighi's music on an album featuring cellist Mischa Maisky, Respighi's Adagio con variazioni- one of the most beautiful pieces of music IMO, in the cello repertoire.
Thanks, cooperpwc.
Hey music _4321, Thanks very much. Incidentally, I have really enjoyed reading your posts throughout this thread.
Thank you SoundFreaq! I am looking forward to the journey.
Well, it didn't take reading all 115 pages of this thread to sell me on Final Audio Design, but I read them all anyway, as I enjoyed the discussions so much! I have only owned one IEM in the past, the Sennheiser IE8, and when it was broken, I didn't plan on ever buying IEMs again. Not so much because I didn't like the sound, but that I preferred my B&W P5s'comfort for portable use. Which leads me to my seemingly contradictory decision to purchase, not one, but two FAD...
I was advised that DC bypasses an input capacitor in the amplifier. 
What is your budget?
I own them and also agree with HiFlight's comments. In my collection I prefer them to and have substituted them for the Sennheiser HD600 and AKG701. If I only had $350 to spend though, I would buy the HD600 instead.
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