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I was going to suggest Faure's Requiem on the Deutsche Grammophon label with Kathleen Battle, but I am open to other suggestions for those who don't particularly like classical. It is available on Amazon as both CD and MP3.Another option would be to select something from HD Tracks which can be downloaded in Hi Rez. A good Jazz recording would be of interest to me.
An interesting review on the FI-BA-SS. http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/forum/headphone-reviews/ I own the Shure 1840 which he had also reviewed and pretty much agree with his comments on those headphones. I haven't owned the FI-BA-SS long enough to feel comfortable providing comments on them, and I am waiting for my Pico Power Amp to use with them, as I don't think they are likely at their best out of an iPod, or with my Total BitHead amp. The reviewer uses the same...
Listening together and commenting live on the Nick Drake album last night with SoundFreaq and Ianmedium was great fun, and showed me how good the PFIXs can be. I decided after we all got offline, to do a further comparison, although I was a bit concerned about potentially spoiling my very positive impressions of the PFIXs last night by bringing out my AT-3000ANVs and FI-BA-SSs for an in depth listening session, with the benefit of knowing this time what to listen for on...
There is copyright protection on that site. The album is not available for Canada.I see that iTunes has it, and Amazon, but only MP3 downloads.
I'll be here at 7:00 p.m. EDT on Saturday.
I tried the only portable amp. I have, the Total BitHead, with both the PFIXs and FI-BA-SS and the treble on the PFIXs sounded off to me. I have no idea why though. With the FI-BA-SSs, it sounded fine. For both I used my iPod Classic (160GB) and a LOD called SendStation. One obvious benefit of an amp. is having better volume control, which is always an issue for me with iPods generally.
I'm in Ontario, Canada ...... 5 hours behind London time. SoundFreaq, interesting about the Liquid Glass. I met Cavelli a few years ago at CanJam in Chicago. His Liquid Fire (?) prototype was being used by the Audeze guys at their table. I tried using my RWA Isabellina last night and there was a significant hum, so I can only use the DAC section which has 2 different chips. My only other full size amp., the AT-HA5000ANV worked well with them.
Great idea, guys! I am going to try and join in too. I am 5 hrs. behind London time. One suggestion, would it be helpful to know what people are using upstream from the PFIXs? For a baseline comparison we could all use a DAP or computer. An idea for the future that might be fun would be to compare amplifiers/dacs etc. using a test recording, such as one of the Chesky albums on HD Tracks. Just a thought. I have a new Pico Power Amp coming in, for example, which I am...
I will have to take a look at my library when I get home to see if I can pick a favorite HD Tracks recording out in terms of sound quality. Regarding B&W, it is a subscription service. Frankly I was not impressed with their hi rez classical LSO recordings SQ vs CD. Their world music and Peter Gabriel recordings, however, all seem to have very good SQ, but you have to like the music selection they offer which is eclectic. I guess we're getting off topic .... Back to...
I purchase most of my classical music from HD Tracks and I also used to subscribe to the B&W hi Rez site. The Oistrach CD came from Deutsche Grammophon's 111th Anniversary CD set, where some old recordings, such as the 1976 Cotrubas/Domingo/Kleiner version of La Traviata sound great, and stand up to modern versions, while some, like the Oistrach Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto sound like the orchestra was recorded in a phone booth.
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