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up late, you might have a lot more credibility if you had a Head-Fi profile that at least showed what equipment you own or have owned. Have you ever attended a large Meet like CanJam and auditioned a wide range of equipment? While all of our opinions here are just that, our opinions, at least we have a significant amount of experience in this hobby to base our opinions on. Live concert experience is also an important element to appreciating IEMs like the PF series. I...
Maybe we should all move over to the new 1+2+3+4+5 thread now.
That would make you about 16 years old then by my calculation.
I wanted to say that I have now bought 4 FAD models (one on the way) based on the main contributors to this thread's comments, and the general good spirit/ Karma (whatever you want to call it), of the thread. I didn't pay too much attention to the comments on the graphs, while I fully acknowledge they may be a deal breaker for others. I have not regretted any of my purchases of FAD products, and in fact, this has been one of my best experiences in this hobby. If I may...
Yes, but I will defer to the musically trained among us to weigh in on the significance, if any, of not having perfect pitch in relation to evaluating headphones/IEMs, for example.
To bring forward an even more opaque/obscure argument .... but hopefully not dimwitted. Has anyone considered the fact that most people do not have perfect pitch, and therefore hear musical notes differently to start with?
I didn't know that, but I loved Fawlty Towers.
I liked dimwittedness myself.
Yes, listening to music is all about personal preferences and not just technicalities.
As stated in different ways many times throughout this thread, most owners of the PF series are not claiming that their PFs are the best or most accurate IEMs out there, but it is interesting to me that people who don't like them seem to rely primarily on graphs as the source of their arguments. How music is presented, IMO, plays a very large role in explaining why certain people, and maybe it is a minority, react so positively to the PFs, as what they do well goes...
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