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@Ridleyguy you are only the second person I know of that has a RWA Isabellina although the one that my friend has is the HPA LFP-V.  One of the best sounding DAC/amps I've ever heard.  Told my friend if he ever sells it to let me know. [/quote] Thanks for your kind words about the Isabellina DavidA. I was looking for an all in one solution when I started in this hobby back in 2010, and first heard the original version of the Isabellina at CanJam 2010, where it was being...
Which is better in terms of sound quality, the LCD-2 Ver.1 or EL-8 open?I would apply that part of Zambz's comments above that I quoted, even to my Ver.1 of the LCD-2, but I would also add, that at least in my main system, the LCD-2 scales significantly better. This is very noticeable, especially with large scale symphonic music and Rock music, where there is a lot more more apparent space between the instruments with the LCD-2, to my ears, and the orchestra/band is...
For those that enjoy classical music and own the Heaven series (I have the IV and V Aging), I highly recommend the Fostex HP-P1 DAC/Amp using the 2 filter assuming you have an Apple player, and CD quality music. I prefer it to the Pico Power amplifier for classical as I find its amplifier section to be more neutral. For other music genres, I prefer adding the Pico Power, and using the Fostex DAC, bypassing its hp amplifier section.
You're welcome, and I think you hit the nail on the head with your description of the IE8s' soundstage!As to comparing the Heaven V Aging to the Heaven IV, I haven't spent a lot of time yet with the V, so please consider these early impressions accordingly, but at least in my modest portable setup, my very early impressions are that the IV seems to have a slightly more neutral and 'leaner' sound signature to me than the V. And although FAD prices the two quite...
A few impressions on my portable setups and synergy issues. I now have the Heaven V Aging along with my Heaven IV in this series. I feel both the Heaven IV and V both scale well with my main DAC/Amp system, but with relatively short cables, and no portability, this is not a practical setup for me most of the time. I have full sized headphones for this purpose. I ordered a Pico Power amp. partially to give me portability with my full sized headphones, but also to use...
While everyone is awaiting the release of the SE846, I was surprised that no one (to my knowledge) has mentioned their full sized headphones flagship, the 1840, and questioned why Shure didn't try and take on top tier headphones with it like the Sennheiser HD800, for example. It is interesting that the company has chosen to compete only in the TOTL IEM space.
I received a shipping notice late yesterday.
That works for me. That is 6pm for those on Eastern Daylight Time.
Tough decisions. I'm considering the Meridian Explorer to connect to a MacBook Pro. For an iPod etc application I have a Pico Power Amp on order with a Whiplash TWag LOD. I haven't decided on a DAC for this setup, but am considering one of the Algorythm Solo DACs and am also looking at a LE Venturecraft DAC and a Fostex DAC/Amp. I would also welcome comments/recommendations on this subject.
And I keep getting the same juvenile response.
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