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Do you still have any of these tubes?
i have recently discovered this prog rock band and fell in love instantly 
I'm so jealous right now!!! i still haven't started tube rolling my amp after having it for 3 months but it looks like ill have some cash this weekend to buy tubes, hit me up if any of u guys got some to sell
here is a little fan review  
it was an amazing show!!! my first time ever going to radio city too. i was just amazed that they came out with an acoustic set, that was very unexpected.   they did not film the show but the guy i sat to next to at radio city said that he was at the Chicago show and they did film it 
i was wondering if any fellow head fi members are going to this show. it seems like steve wilson is really pumping this show up, when i saw porcupine tree in buffalo back in may sw was saying how the radio city music hall show is supposed to be very "special"  then i saw this the other day what are your guys predictions for the show? i was hoping they would film it but it looks like they may have filmed the Chicago show
i really like the newest OSI album blood, blood has porcupine tree's drummer in it i would say it's the heavier of the 3 albums. i also like Free too, for me that album is a little more laid back and relaxing. i havent listened to the first one much but i can say it's my least favorite of the 3.   i heard osi is coming out with a new album this winter
would you be willing to sell one of them? i would like to try one with my darkvoice 
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