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So the audio quality won't be affected by the added components and connections?
I've been wondering, since it finally seems PCI is disappearing from high end motherboards, it probably won't be long until it's a rare feature on all motherboards in general, how will I be able to use my Xonar ST?   Would it be possible to use a PCI to PCIe adapter (these exist), without any audio/quality loss or other problems? Or is the only option to go with a Xonar STX?
  Took a picture to better describe it. When I connect the wires now, it doesn't work, I have to very precisely hit the right spot where the connection was before for it to work, simply making contact with the solder doesn't do anything. Do I have to prepare the wire/solder somehow before just melting it and reconnecting them again?
Soo while modding and painting my HD555s the wires for the left driver popped out. Oh well, I thought I'll just head up a screwdriver-like thing on the stove, but when I put it against the solder nothing happens, yet it super easily melted through plastic and other stuff like butter.   I don't have a soldering iron myself so yeah, I guess I'll have to get one but how should I repair my headphones? Can I just, with a proper soldering iron, melt the existing solder...
Thanks, I went ahead and did the mod now...   First impression was pretty neutral, but after a while I realized that it just sounds more open, I can't really hear any difference in frequency response, maybe the mids are a little teeny tiny bit worse, but might be placebo. On second thought, I'm pretty satisfied, and it also looks way cooler :p sounds opener now. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that bass isn't really affected, or at least I didn't notice anything...
How is this mod? Removing the foam mod was awesome and it only improved the sound and you can easily reverse the mod.   But I'd like to hear some opinions of this mod before committing myself.
Did you actually read my post? It's for a friend not me. Can you suggest some dacs or soundcards for heaphones so I can read reviews etc. on them?
Oh, so digital audio out is always the same, no matter what card/output? There are so many options out there, what should I look for if I want the most bang for the buck in sound quality. (For headphones)
A friend of mine getting new headphones for music on his computer, he only has onboard sound at the moment though... No super high end stuff, just something for HD558-ish range headphones.   I'm no expert myself but I enjoy music, I got the Xonar ST back when I bought my audio gear, but I hear people suggesting DACs and whatnot instead of a soundcard. Can someone explain the options he has?   I don't really understand how a DAC can be a cheaper/better option...
Thanks for the suggestions. Those sony headphones are a little too expensive. Can you give more concrete info or comparisons (in case you've got anything to compare them to)?   Thanks
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