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they are very easy to put on as the part of the cord that goes around the ears is a firm memory wire so it stays in shape when you take them off
x2 for he custom 3, great sounding earphone 
x2 on the custom 3 
monster coppers ,or golds or klipsch custom 3 ,i never get sibilance with these 
try the klipsch custom 3 .   And who is that imposter a few posts back ? ,he even has a cat that looks like mine 
No need to glue them on , just make sure you put the narrow end of the comply  core onto the iem's sound tube so that the end with the lip on is the end you put the tips on ,that holds them in place and i have never had them come off yet and have inserted them in my ears and removed them many many times 
any combination of sizes will fit, i use the second largest one on the bottom and the second smallest one on top .
@ rawrster, Another very nice and detailed and professionally written review from the the man who is no good at doing reviews .,   i never pictured you as someone that listens too lady gaga though rawrster 
lol , well i do like a deep insertion as you know ,and if i could find a core long enough id stack three tips on there ,all in the name of  head fi science off course 
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