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I have yet to have a tip come off in my ear ,did you put the end of the comply core without the lip onto the earphone first as the lip on the comply core stops the tips from slipping off , i have used my double tip mod on comply core with many tips , monster foam hybrid, monster silicon supertips, ue silicon tips , senn double flange , orto's silicon  and had good results with them all , i use double monster foam hybrid tips on my westone3 as you know and double orto...
Children ,please stop all this silly bickering and play nicely together now ,this is getting boring !, this used to be an usefull and interesting thread ,lets get it back to the way it was shall we. Thank you 
Yep ,the coppers need the volume turning up a notch or two on my amp to reach the same volume as most of my other iems play at lower levels
what earphone was you trying them on and what did not work ?  
the treble on the SM3 is not recessed or rolled off  and they have plenty of bass for rock music,some of the rock music i listen to are ,  led leppelin, nazerath , deep purple ,greatful dead ,allman brothers band ,johnny winter, jefferson airplane /starship, hendrix ,slade, quicksilver messenger service, golden earring, molly hatchett, uriha heep ,neil young & crazy horse , buffalo springfield   
@ericp , thanks for the info ericp buddy. ericp ,you seem to be the center of attention in this thread again ,do i detect a mutiny in the ranks of your fan club ?  
Had my custom 3 in my ears for the last two days with monster hybrid foam tips on Playing the quicksilver messenger service on them at the moment, they sound fantastic.   I had forgot how good these c3's sound , they may even regain there thrown as my favorite sounding earphone before long 
ericp buddy , whats this fad , a new iem ? and have you ordered  the SE535?   
New Posts  All Forums: