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to my ears custom 3 fits the above criteria,it  has plenty of detail and the sound is crystal clear 
Thanks for that definition 
  what is resolution in an audio context ? thanks  
Nice review of the t jays ,thanks
great review and pictures
  cool, i hope they work out for you .
@ shane , No i do not compress the monster foams, i just slide them strait into my ears. And there is no problem if you wish to glue the tips onto the comply core apart from maybe you will not be able to get them off again .
Sounds like someone just stuck a pin in your  a......... , that's very worrying as no one has slipped me any dosh yet for one off your dolls (and i have a dozen made up and ready for shipping ) i think someone has made there own fake erip 10 doll,      
@well ericp buddy i was not going to give them a refund i was going to charge them extra for bringing the fanclub into disrepute , off course if they slip me a few bucks on the side i will give them a free ericp doll they can stick there vodoo pins in ,so if you get any unexpected ache's and pains you will know what is happening buddy . lol  
In my opinion  think Klipsch custom 3 should be on the top tier list or at the very least the boarderline top tier list, its a very capable earphone 
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