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Are you sure you have ear wax in your SE420's , there bass is naturally very faint and there treble can be heard in there somewhere too , from time to time 
I recommend the custom 3 , they are a great sounding phone and while the cable is microphonic if you move around alot its not as bad as ipod happy suggests and if you use the chin slider this reduces microphonics quite a bit    Custom 3 sounds much better than ie7 in my experience ,no contest really 
x2 , no contest really in my opinion 
This has come as a shock to me but the phone i have in my ears more than any other phone lately is the westone 3 .
Klipsch custom 3 is a a two driver phone and is within your price range and is a very musical sounding earphone with  great bass .
  All iem's are ridiculously over priced , but £28 - £35 is a fair price for the ie7 
the cord should be the same length  ,and bits missing, sounds very dodgy to me 
@ mythless,  Interesting initial impressions , keep us informed when you have had more time with them.
custom 3 , gets my vote or a used westone 3 maybe 
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