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TF10 is a good buy as is SE530 if you can find them at that price, id avoid the SE420 ,not a great sounding phone
klipsch custom 3
nice package, love the way the earphones resemble a musical note 
sounds interesting   
i use  comply core's on my westone 3 with two monster hybrid foam tips on each core and fined the isolation very good , better than the SE530 
Monster miles davis  are now in stock at 
klipsch custom 3 ,or ie7 is my recommendation  
Why should my post above result in this or any other thread being locked , it was a private joke between between ericp and myself and does not mention or involve  any body else !.  
I hope you do not cook that rice and eat it after you have completed that task  LOL  
I have no idear what the SM3 will sound like with a zune 120 as i have not got one , i use mine with ipod classic with lod to p3+ heron amp , which has a selection of opamps which change the sound sig of the amp ,i use a combination which gives a slightly bass and treble enhanched sound to liven up the sound of the SM3 . I do not use eq settings on my ipod .   However the SM3 does not add extra bass to songs so there should only be the amount of bass that is in the...
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