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Thanks , do you notice any sibilance on these ?
x2 and i put the narrow end on the nozzle so the widest end is the end the tip goes on and there is a lip on that end of the comply core so this also helps seal that end .  
What is the kees mod ?
@ Mythless , thanks for the detailed and intreasting review , they look quite heavy, and i bet they would make my ears very hot and sweaty .
  LOL, maybe but if that was the case i would most likely have my 420's in my ears and be blissfully unaware of the full frequency range that would be missing out  .  
i have both iems , the ie7 does have the better cable ,but the c3 has a much more refined sound and a more detailed treble and a much deeper fit in the ear which results in much better isolation 
SM3 ,SE530 , EQ7 ,IE7
tf10 is very good for rock as it emphases the bass and treble and it is Superior to the super fi pro ,amazon is a good place to buy them .  
out of those two i would go with the panasonic for your type of music as i think it should have more bass 
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