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No, i have not heard off them .
sounds like custom 3 would be a good choice for you , i like them far more than my monster golds ,which are way too warm sounding for my tastes
Custom 3 can be had in the usa for less than $150 and has great bass ,and you will not hear any wind noise ,they isolate very well
My most used iem at the moment is the westone 3 , i am listening to a lot of late 60s and 70s rock and the w3 is perfect for that type of music with its big powerful bass and fast detailed treble and i love the way electric guitars sound on them 
x2 on the wide nozzle tips fr the SM3
Listen to the live full concert recording of the wall album recorded in 1981 on the SM3 ,fantastic stuff
pink floyd dose sound glorious on the SM3   
For me the TF10 sound best with large monster triple flange tips 
^ ^I also do not hear the TF10 mids as recessed 
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