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Lol @ rawrster , we often have to pay though the nose for things over here 
Yeh they do seem rather over priced to me but thought i would point them out anyway  
fx700 ,gets good reviews although i have not heard them my self.
no, just an avid american music collector ,although my collection starts in 1928 with jimmie rodgers   Some good stuff there .Sorry i should have said American , he started in the  marine's band i think before forming his own band .  
the MDs are in stock now at www.iheadphones .co.uk  
I think i would have to agree, the monster golds/coppers are not really top tier ,neither is ie8 in my opinion  although i think the coppers out class the ie8 in every way except for soundstage    Tf10 gets my vote 
  LOL,  military band music from around the 1880s to around 1930 ish i believe 
@ vashti, most of the time these days i use my amp but i tend to use a neutral combination of opamps so i do not change the house sound of my favorite iem's ,the exception to that is the SM3 which like i said earlier in this thread i found them to flat and a bit unexciting even though all the great technical ability's where there so i liven them up by using a combination of opamps that favor bass and treble .   My favorite's unamped are westone 3 , SE530, custom 3 , tf10...
great review and nice pictures thans @ kjk1281  
@ mythless , hi there , how many hours do you have on them now and has Any off the sound characteristic's changed at all in that time ?
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