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In terms of closed cans i currently only have Denon d5000 to compair with the pro900 and the denon has the larger soundstange of the two.
  Well the Q701 has the biggest soundstage of my cans ,both in terms of width and depth ,in contrast the pro900 is a much more intimate listening experience ,ie the q701 is like being at an open air concert with the stage a fair distance away whist with the pro 900 its like being on stage with the musicians all around me.
  Thanks for the advice on the dt990 and i will look into the LCD models . It certainly is worth getting a good amp ,my graham slee solo srg2  does wonders for my cans , ie much more expansive sound stage ,gives an illusion i am listening to my full sized speakers , cleaner tighter controlled treble , much less sibilance and tighter more powerful bass and much better definition and resolution of the midrange and treble and a more dymanic sound accross the board.  
I would go with the hd650 with fillo e11 
Thanks ..I have around 100 hrs of use on the Hd650 ,and i did not really notice any change in sound after the first 20hrs to be honest,along with my pro 900 they tend to get the most use out of my full size cans ,i do not find them lacking in detail as apposed to the others ,however they are the most laid back and like i mentioned electric guitars are just to to tame and overshadowed on a lot of albums by the bass for my rock and blues music, i much prefer the pro 900...
Umm ,these are £400 over here in england, for a duel driver iem that is just crazy ! 
Nice review ,an interesting read thanks ! 
I suggest the TFTA EXTRA BASS version , best bass quantity in an iem period , technically very good with good mids and extended treble.
The Q701 is an outstanding phone in every way ,but needs some eq to add some mid bass to sound right with rock music and any kind of music that needs some bass hitting power , it has very nice sub bass by the way , just lacks mid / upper bass for rock music etc.
Monster foam supertips are my favorite for the tf10 , they really bring out what sub bass the tf10 does have .   Also the monster triple flange tips work well on the tf10 ,giving a deep seal while making the overal tone is a little darker .
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