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Definitely a true classic of its time ,which deserves its place in history .    
  Thanks, how does the bass compair to a dynamic phone like the monster pros for example and is it a good mix of sub bass/ mid upper bass or does it lean more to mid bass. How do the electric guitars come across, polished or more fiery and raunchy ?
I am looking forward to it . ,how do these sound with rock music and heavy metal ?  
Hi, and welcome to head fi. Thanks for the informative review ,looks like a solid construction and i am interested in hearing how these stack up to the w4 ,these are on my radar as a purchase next year when they become more widely available .
The 1XB or TFTA-2100-2V3B as it is presently called is tuned for extended sub bass and extended treble response .
Nice review @ Navmau , Glad to hear you are enjoying them and do not forget to give them the full 200hrs before giving your final thoughts on them , they continue to improve across the board to around that time.  There sound signature will not be for everyone and as i said they are not the best choice for a general purpose earphone but for certain music genres and movies they are hard to beat.   Have you tried watching movies with these yet ,it is a pretty awesome...
Nice review @soulsyde thanks !, it interests me that you say the midrange is more lush than the se535 
Sounds interesting ,post some pictures when you get a chance ! 
  Yeah buddy ,that IE80 is calling out your name ! 
  He He , you say that now but i will not be at all surprised if i read you have bought another universal before new year   
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