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I finally got a set of the Miles Davis Tributes yesterday and i have to say ,so far i am really loving there sound ,these have some fantastic bass , with a really strong mid/upper bass impact as strong as the Monster Golds but much tighter and better controlled with much better separation of the drums and bass guitar ,and the midrange and treble sound much more natural to me than the Coppers ,over all these are the best looking and best sounding of the pro turbine line...
  I suggest the w4 or sm3 as they are a huge upgrade over the denons and are much better controlled which is what  MERIDIUS mentioned he was after, the w3 has a very sibilant treble with the wrong tips or fit and the bass can sound bloated at times ,but yes it is more v shaped (treble and bass emphasized ) than the w4 or sm3 , but both can be eqed to be v shaped very easily and sound better with better control than w3.Oh and both sm3 and w4 are much better all rounders...
Earportz tips ,gives me the best clarity of sound and no driver flex,   
In that case then and if you do not have a budget in mind i highly recommend the Earsonics SM3 or the Westone 4 as very good all rounders and both are significant improvement over the denon .
Hi ,how do you like the denon and how would you like your new phones to sound , ie strong bass , strong treble , good mids , neutral , or fun sounding ? help us to help you !
That is not normal ,it sounds like your headphone is damaged.
I find the tf10 to be as comfortable as most other iem's however they are rather large and most of the body sits outside your ears so you need a deep fitting tip like a triple flange or a monster foam tip to hold them in place in my experience ,but each person will have different fit experiences .   Ultimate ears did used to make double flange tips ,don't think they do any more .Many other large bore tips from other brands such as monster and senheiser fit the tf10.
The tf10 would be much better for metal as the ie8 is to dark sounding and not the fastest drivers out there , the monster coppers are very good for metal also , i have been using them on the go the last few days while listening to various types of metal .
These do look very tempting i must say !
The Q701 plays ok out of portable players but never reaches its full potentual as it a rather low sensitivity headphone and requires the power of an amp to give it some body and breath life into them and it has very little mid/upper bass but does have a very good sub bass. For portable use the fillo E11 gives it more than enough power and has two decent bass boost settings which give it the much needed mid / upper bass .   That said it is my favorite headphone for...
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