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Yes,i have them
I can recommend the Miles Davis Tributes as having better bass than the golds and should fit your ears just as well as the golds and they are an upgrade in overall sound quality, or if you want more bass than the monsters can deliver  ,and some more bass on top of that go get the tfta 1xb  .
  Lol , did you get a proper seal with the golds @ Dubbed man ,with the correct seal and proper amplification from my solo srg2 the golds have tons of bass , head ace inducing bass when the volume is turned up for a long listening session, my Miles Davis are even bassier ,i still have not amped up the tfta extra bass as i hate to think what the bass would be like .   From what i read on this thread it makes me wonder if the 1vs use a different driver to the 1xb or just...
 The coppers are a good all rounder for the genres you listen to , and are pretty solid build with life time guarantee 
These are one of the bassist phones i own ,you must not be getting a good seal ,amp them up and sound quality also improves as these require some power behind them to really shine .   If you are looking for a more bassy iem i suggest the TFTA 3v2b ,a bass monster for sure !
  Yes they are full of gel inside but the newer versions are much more plyable than the original version from last year ,you will need to use the inner tube from a comply tip or shure olive as a spacer for the monster tips to fit on the shures  
In What way do the tips look odd ? post pics if you can 
  The pro 900 have a decent bass response which packs a punch ,the lower treble is the most prominent part of there sound ,which makes electric guitars really sing ,one of my favorites for electric guitar , vocals are also quite prominent but combined with the strong lower treble if the recording has any trace of vocal sibilance in it they will pick it out and amplify it and spit it back out at you with a vengeance .  Sound stage is rather small for a full sized can but...
Hi , so far i resisted the temptation of the EX1000 ,i was interested in it for some time but i read to many posts about the treble being harsh and sibilant ,which  made them to much of a gamble at the price they go for .The Miles Davis have just the right amount of treble for my ears ,music like AVENGED SEVENFOLD really rocks on these .  
Ah ,the dreaded driver flex strikes again ! ,that's the best way to free up the drivers on dymanic based phones when they stick.
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