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  Well i do like my bass to be powerful with plenty of slam and hit hard with my rock and blues music but it is not my only concern ,mids are just as important to me ,i love my vocals to be clean and smooth and for guitars to really shine and take center stage and i like to clearly hear all the intricate details in the treble . For my country music i like a more mids and treble dominated phone that is why i have a varied collection of iem;s and headphones ,i appreciate...
The tf10 are way better sounding than the ie8 in my opinion , the only thing the ie8 wins on is soundstage which is one of the largest around .
Hiya Anaxilus ,Thanks ,better late than never i always say.    Do you still have your monster iem's ?
LOL , Yeah the 1XB are a force to behold 
Pink floyd sounds great on the SM3 and westone 4 ,also monster turbine pro copper .
Very nice review and great pics , thanks .
They are the gel super tips ,the first run was very solid and round ,most people thought they were to hard and most of us had trouble getting to fit in our ears , the next batch are the ones that you have ,they are real ,i had the originals with my golds and coppers last year but the first run of golds and coppers never came with the foam super tips. Monster kindly sent out foam super tips and a set of the second version of gel tips which you have to many of...
Pro 900 is great for movies ,but personally i prefure my TFTA extra bass iems ,for movies ,earth shattering explosions on those babies.
Strange things like that do happen here on head fi from time to time.  
Yeah ,you took the words right out of my mouth buddy .lol
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