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Which has the most bass quantity ,and which has the best bass quality ? out of the sony and the coppers   
No i have not heard the pearls sorry.   Other great sounding iem's include   Earsonic's SM3 Westone 3 & 4  Ortofone EQ7  Shure se535 Ultimate ears TF10 
Yes you heard right ,Go with the golds for those genres, and comfort and isolation are pretty good and both models are the same shape and size , with the same tips so there will be no difference in that regard.
Well as you can see by picture there is no holes visible through the velvet, how do you remove the earpads ?
How do you mean perforated on the back ? as far as i can tell the pads can not be removed ,but there is some perforated material over the drivers   
@ Dubbed , well i do not have any headphones that come close to giving out the bass of the 1xb , the Denon d5000 has probably got the hardest hitting bass impact and with some eq can be made as bassy as the tfta without bleeding into the mids which are a bit forward from neutral and the highs are very detailed yet quite soft and take a back seat to the bass and mids , they should satisfy you if you have eq or a bass boost.,well maybe    I did try out the most...
German Maestro Gmp 400 added to initial post 
Yeah i know what you mean ,there signature has a certain enchanting quality to them that is so unique and enjoyable , there signature does not work with everything i play on them ,but play something that does work with them and it is a very intoxicating listen indeed.  
Glad to hear you are enjoying your coppers ,They were my favorite for several months until i got the Sm3 last year . The coppers have a thinner ,brighter sound with more sparkly treble  ,and a more defined and accurate bass ,however the tributes bass is thicker ,harder hitting and more fun to listen to and the midrange is more natural and more musical and enchanting to these ears.  
  Im just glad i could point you in the right direction @ Dubbed . by the way if you ever get the chance ,i recommend you try the Miles Davis tributes , not as bass heavy as the 1xb but they have the most mid bass of the pro line in my opinion ,should be right up your ally.  
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