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As to the highs i do remember the denon c710 being less refined and not as sparkly as the 900
Well i have not done a direct comparison ,i may do tomorrow if i get the time , but as you can see from that graph and if i am reading it right they both have a spike in the upper mids/lower treble area ,almost at the identical frequency range ,and that is the part of there sound signature that is most dominant to my ears,both being quite aggressive in that area, which is what i think i said to you before ,looks like the the upper treble is much more extended on the pr0...
Looks nice ,they must be a collectors item if they are 1972 and worth more than $10 i would have thought.
Sounds about right   
Well i can not be of much help as i have not heard the sony you have ,it my be that the cans i have will have less or more bass than those i do not know and by punchier i guess you mean hard hitting than in my book that = lots of mid/upper bass .   I do not own that many full size cans and i do not own the d2000    The following is the list of phones i own with the hardest hitting bass set at the top of the list   denon d5000 = hard hitting bass ,good...
Dubbed man,i have the pro 900 , they sound somewhat similar to the denon c710 in regards to the lower treble being very bright and prominent ,i love them for rock music as electric guitar really stands out on them ,but i fear that they are not going to satisfy you for bass quantity , they have a solid bass but my denon and hd650 both have more quantity and i always end up turning the bass control full on my Yamaha amp when i use them to get extra hitting power and...
The bass can be a bit muddy at times with heavy bass music ,but there are a lot worse out there ,the mid range and treble is actually suprisingly good and clean and clear    The coppers offer more clarity across the frequencies and have more sparkle in the treble with a leaner tighter bass.  
Sounds like the EX1000 has more bass quantity than i thought in that case ,and yeah the coppers do sound a little stretched (for want of a better word ) in the midrange from time to time but they are still my favorite dymanic after the Ttibutes.  
  He was restating your tips are real so do not worry about it ,as i said the second generation of gel supertips do have the dimples in them ,my set with the dimples was sent to me and many others on this site direct form head fi's resident Monster rep (member of the trade) and like i said the newer batch of turbine pro's have the latest version of gel tips which are really nice and fit properly and sound good.
The Q701 or German Maestro gmp 400 are good all rounders at neutral sounding 
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