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Yes ,tips with a large center will fit ,like the comply t500 or sensercorm tips   
Go for the tf10 ,they are hard to beat and are often on sale for that price on amazon ,strong punchy bass ,clean neutral mids , very sparkly detailed treble 
Akg Q701 is very different from those two , it is neutral, very large soundstage ,analytical and very detailed treble , very little mid and upper bass.   Pro 900 , small 3d soundstage , strong treble and lower mids ,sounds wonderful for electric guitars ,punchy bass but not to strong    both sound very different to what you own .
My E11 has a silent output with all the headphones and iem's i have used with it ! and it is a very good amp with tones of power and two decent bass settings and great value for money.i did not like my friends E5 when i tried it though ,it is little more than a toy with very little gain and the bass boosts did not do anything at all .  
  The tf10 does isolate well as long as you have large ear channels to get a secure fit as they have a large diameter sound tube and most of there body sits outside of the ear making them slip out if the seal is not tight ,they are the best sounding iem in your list though. The sure will be the best fitting and have some of the best isolation around. i used to have the SE420 ,great isolation but i did not like there sound at all , very little bass and almost zero treble...
Thanks Priest ,i hope to add a grado to my collection at some point .
  Yes i did mean the earpads lol .   I have to disagree about there sound with the stock earpads , i find them to be similar in sound quality and sound signature as the Q701 in many ways especially the bass which is not at all flabby or fat ,there is a little more mid/upper bass than the Q701 but not a huge difference ,not compared them directly for speed of the bass but i have no complaints and i would say they are  a little faster than the hd650.   Transparency and...
Listening to the album HIGH VOLTAGE ,by ACDC right now on the pro 900 , sounds great ! electric guitar sounds awesome ,only criticism i have is cymbals clashes are brimming over with tones of energy so much so that it makes them a bit unnatural sounding , 
I do not place much faith in Graphs anyway as they are funny things anyway and only tell half the story, they are measured by a machine right ? and not a human ear further more everybody's hearing and perception of sound is different ,the only true way to find out how something sounds is to try it yourself ..
Hi , I managed to get the ear cups off ,a very tight fit though and they do not have holes on the back ,they have a solid back .   I use the Gmp with the setup in the pictures ,ie Graham slee solo srg2  pre-amped from a yamaha A2 dsp ,sounds great to me   
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