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Eric ,if the jvc has more powerful guitars than the panny's  ,I give in ,you talked me into it, i am going to be getting a set ,    
  Thanks for your expertise in describing the characteristics of the fxt90 ,these really are sounding more and more like an iem that i am just going to have to hear for my self .and i thought i was done with iem's.  
I recommend the westone 3 ,seems to be what you are looking for , very good isolation , one of the bassist hardest hitting ba phones out there ,mostly mid bass rather than sub bass to there is plenty of punch in them ,w4 has a fuller bass  ,ie a good mix of sub bass and mid bass but does not have the hitting power of the w3 , 
  Thanks for your opinion that helps me somewhat to try and imagine how these jvc sound .How would you describe the electric guitar sound and how it differs on the hje and fxt90  thanks , electric guitar and the general timbre of the various instruments are some of the best features of the hje from my prospective .
@ flysweep ,These are sounding more and more interesting to me if they sound similar to the hje 900 but better , the hje 900 is one of my very favorite iem's and with over 500hrs on them i fined them to be quite refined and for the most part very smooth  i don't feel that the midrange is recessed at all on the pannys thought , how much more forward are the fxt90s mids ? if it is a considerable amount than that might not be a good thing from my point of view and how many...
I thought i would give a quick review of the headphones i have acquired in my quest for the perfect sounding set for the music i listen to which is mostly 60s, 70s rock ,blues country                         GERMAN MAESTRO GMP 400                                                            The German Maestro Gmp400 is an open back headphone with an impedance of 300 ohm ,they have a 3m cable which is connected to both left and right ear cups ,and has a screw in...
 I have only been using the tf10 for movies lately which they  are perfect for as i have moved into the relms of full sized cans so all my music listening has been  with my latest arrivals   
@ Eric , you have my full attention buddy lol , keep those impressions coming thick and fast , you are getting me excited ,sounds like these could be right up my 
intriguing Eric buddy !
My pro 900s had a hell lot of a lot of vocal sibilance strait out of the box , its getting a bit less now i have around 8hr on them but still a long way to improve yet ,other than the bright treble causing the sibilance the rest off the sound signature is very nice and well balanced ,between the bass and mids ,bass is very present and of good quality but i would not call these bass heavy or bass monsters ,my denon ah5000 has way more bass and is harder hitting ,at the...
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