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Yeah little bro lol ,  the soundstage is the best thing about the 7 ,almost as large as the ie8, bass is not to bad when used with triple flange tips ,but by no way bass heavy ,nonexistent next to the tfta ,treble can be rather dominating also it is a crude and unrefined treble , the ie8 is better across the board but still leaves a lot to be desired , however it seams that sennhieser are better at full size cans ,i am loving my HD650 ,sounds great ,plenty of bass ,...
He he,@ Dubbed man ,i have always said around £30-£40 is a fair price to pay for a new set of IE7 based on there sound and technical ability ,and i am one who paid full retail for these a few years back ,way over priced at £120 ,LOVELY OUTER PACKAGING THOUGH . lol   How do you find there treble compaired to the treble on the tfta extra bass ?  
  Yep ,i think you would hate it too, it is kinda the ba version of the hje900 ,very similar general sound signatures, albeit the hje has better timbre whilst the w3 has more refined treble,better imaging and instrument separation   
For me my favorites come and go and come around again in time,the two that get the most use are w3 and hje900, i very rarely dispose of an iem ,having researched each one carefully before buying and once i have them its like an old fashioned marriage ,until death do us part even if we end up not getting on all that well together sometimes ,only twice have i disliked the overall presentation of sound enough to divorce an iem and send them on there way  ,SE420, GR07
  I am glad to hear that as i would not call the Q701 a particularly warm sounding phone compaired to my other full size cans ,they are exceptionally clear though with a very large sound stage , they need amping to reach there full potential .
  The Q701 does have a larger sound stage than the 650 and the pro900, but the 650 is not far behind , i do not listen to classical but would not recommend the pro900 for that but i love its sound for rock and blues ,i have all three  of these as well as the denon d5000 , for rock and blues the pro900 is my favorite even though it has the smallest sound stage ,the hd650 is my second favorite for rock and blues and is a very good all rounder in general ,   I do enjoy the...
Out of your choices i would choose HD650,very good for rock and blues ,and has a large sound stage for classical music,also the pro 900 is a very good phone for rock and blues ,akg q701 would do very well with classical but dose not have a hard enough punch in the bass for rock and blues ,ie not enough mid and upper bass ,great sub bass though. 
Over the last few days i have put around another 20hrs on the Sennheiser Hd650 and i have to say i am pleasantly surprised at how nice these are now sounding ,they have a certain natural earthiness to there sound that is completely none fatiguing and very addictive to listen to .   I am listening to The Mat Schofield Trio live from the archives on them as i type this and though i would try to describe the sound.   The bass end is nice and fat sounding and extends...
 great picture lol  
@ MARK. Very entertaining review thanks Mark , your reviews are always a joy to read ,Oh and if the bass on these scare you ,the extra bass version that i have would give you nightmares ,hell you would most likely end up in with a phobia and end up braking out into a cold sweat and a nervous twitch every time someone mentioned them by name LOL   Seriously though,i am surprised to hear you say the mids and highs of the ie8 are better ? I don't have this particular...
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