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@ Eric , sounds like you are hearing the tf10 more like i do this time around buddy , i never understood it when people say the mids are recessed! , a bit sterile yes ,but recessed No , they are quite prominent in the mix . I also have the logitech version and with the blue silicone tips which are thicker than most silicone tips although i seldom use those tips on any iem as i do not think they sound to good.
@ dubbed . Yep i still own the w3 , was using them just last week , i can only use them with two monster foam hybrid tips on each ear piece as with any other tips they are sibilant as hell ,but with the monster tips they keep the sibilance under control most of the time ,this also has the effect of beefing up the bass considerably making them one off the bassest phones i own .They may well even hit as hard as the tfta with those tips but still don't match its sub bass...
I recommend the tfta extra bass , good quality hard hitting bass with tones of sub bass , i have to eq up the bass on my d5000 to get them to match the tfta .    
  @Ineedmorebass . Ok ,so i have just listened to the first song around 8 times strait from my note book on a flat eq and all sound enhancements switched of , first off i used the tfta with the stock large tips and the bass was mega huge ,too much in fact it made her voice sound way too dark and soul less. drums had a nice weight to them and plenty of kick and i heard the piano and some sort of wind instrument but to be honest everything was just hidden behind a mountain...
Um nice thread , i am off to bed now but i will give both the tf10 and tfta xb a listen tomorrow and report my findings here although i dont really have any trance or electronica music ,what about some rock music or something ?,guns and roses maybe ?
  I have bad news fore you buddy ,with the same equipment and eq settings the Eq7 sounds much nicer than the tf10 , especially in the midrange and vocals and drums !     
  The mids in general are a little to flat and sterile as they come for my tastes hence i find cutting the 500hz and 4hz frequencies gives them a more lively dymanic and musical sound , vocals are fine buddy ,listening to some Abba on them at the present ,not to forward or high pitched but not recessed either , electric guitars are highly polished but lack the gutsy raw power of the hje900 .Drums are good but lack timbre of phones like the hje900, gro7 ,eq7.
  With all this talk about the tf10 i have dug mine out and hooked them up to my headphone station , Graham Slee studio reference 2 amp pre-amped by a Yamaha A2 dsp amp with a ten band per channel graphic equalizer ,by eqing up the sub bass frequencies and a little cut at 500hz and 4hz they sound unbelievably good and every bit as good as my full size cans ,only fall short of there performance in sound stage size. The tf10 make me feel on stage with the musicians where...
@ Ericp , Buddy i never thought i would see the day when you re-bought the tf10,i always thought the tf10s sound was an complete enigma to you. you must have had a funny five minutes or something there lol, so is it more to your liking this time around ?.   Well i can honestly say you are never going to see a post from me saying i have re-bought the SE420 even if they go on sell for £5 brand new , 
X2 the e11 works very well with the pro 900 with tones of power and 2 decent bass boost settings and by using a line out cable rather than a 3.5 to 3.5  cable from your ipod you will bypass the headphone out socket and not get the distortion.    
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