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  Thanks buddy , i will add those two albums to my to my library in the near future. My favorite track on the ,On Every Street album is , A Ticket To Heaven , a really beautiful song i think !    OH ,I did  have the Notting Hillbillies album on cassette when it first came out ,a long time ago, worn out along time ago now ,i must get it again on cd ,thanks for reminding me about that one.  
  I Have all the dire straits albums and am just getting into his solo stuff,which albums do you recommend , i liked the Philadelphia one and would like to get some others ones which really showcase his electric guitar .?  
Good to hear Eric, so is the TF10 a keeper this time around ? , it is still one of my all time favorite phones and hooked up to my headphone setup it sounds just wonderful and gives my full size cans a run for there money ,listening to Mark Knopfler's - Sailing to Philadelphia album with them right now   
  Fillo e11 is a great amp for the price ,tons of power to drive even my 300 ohm hd650 to a decent sound level even on the low gain setting and the two bass boosts really do add some warmth and mid bass weight to the bass of any phone that is a bit lacking in that erea such as the q701 although you do not need the power or the mid bass boosts of the e11 with the tf10 so i would think something like the zo would be more appropriate .,Maybe Eric can give us an opinion here? .
Agreed buddy ! ,so how are the mids shaping up to your ears ?  
Interesting review thanks @ Tiemen , your experience with the german -maestro seems to mirror what i heard when i got to try these out , An overall pleasing sound ,leaning towards a smooth bright sound with very good quality but lean bass response.
  I Agree that the both the tf10 and w4 have a similar quantity off bass and that the amount is plentiful ,i just feel that the w4 has a more even slit of sub bass /mid bass ,and that the tf10 leans more to the mid / upper bass ,not that it matters that much to me ,both are fantastic sounding iem's and the tf10 really scales up well when paired with my amp set up .  
Nice to see you are enjoying your TF10 buddy !, so would you agree with me in saying that the tf10 has a harder hitting mid/upper bass than the w4 ,while the w4 has greater sub bass presence than the TF10 ? .  
Soundstage is quite deep and has good width , these have replaced my ie8 for watching movies . The treble is tuned to be extended as is the sub bass so treble detail and sparkle is there and i find the treble to have plenty of pressence and quit refined.   Mids are nice and not recessed and have a decent thickness of note ,depending on what tips i use the vocals can come across a little dark like on the ie8 but with sensercorm tips are fine.and bass has way way more sub...
  So stay tuned folks for next weeks exciting episode !     
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