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He he , Your not fooling anybody ,its only a matter of time ......  
that is interesting !
Thanks for the insight Eric , so do you ever listen to the tf10 these days ? 
What you need is for tfta to make you a prototype full size can using there thin film technoligoy . I agree the ie8 bass was not that hard hitting ,it was too warm and colored the vocals ,but was not that punchy or deep compaired to the tfta, that may have been becouse they are shallow fit though     
  how are the drums shaping up compaired to the gro7 buddy ? never mind ,i just read your sonic bliss post on the previous page   
Did you get the hissing when on the low gain setting ? the only iem i get hissing with is the se530/se535 which are very sensitive and i get hiss with every amp with those .  
The bass on the Pro 900 really is not that strong or heavy and i am not the only one one this forum that has said that ! .It is never going to satisfy a true basshead    
Yes i am amping them ,and not really harsh sounding ,they were very harsh out of the box ,check out what i said about them in my headphone thread. Not sure if i have ever used them unamped to be honest . will give them a try later .    
Not sure how these would sound but Looks very nice though !  
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