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Hello Frank ,    You back hanging around these boards  ?  Any way nice review of those diamond tears ,a bit glitzy looking for you i would have thought but sounds like they are built like a tank ,your reviews have always been spot on in the past so i have a fairly good idear how these should sound and i am glad to hear they do not sound like monsters other full size cans as none of them sounded right to my ears ,   They look kinda cute .Whats the impedance of the...
Hey Dubbed Man ,so you got the MDs , how you liking them? some pretty powerful bass on these dude ! when i amp these up with my solo srg2 and Yamaha rig the mid bass is mind blowing ,i don't really like jazz music much ,even on these but heavy rock and metal they sure can pound it out , and you just gotta love that trumpet case , its so cute 
My cowon x7 is a very good sounding player and does not require an amp for use with iems and has 160gb and is simple to use.   For my music transport in my home system i use an Archos 48 which has a 500GB hard drive and is around the same size as the x7 just a bit thicker and as a portable player sounds about the same as an ipod classic ,it does have a 5 band manual eq but does not have a line out ,you need to buy a dvr docking station to get digital line out to...
I agree with the statement that the vocals are upfront on the w3 , they definitely are not shy or recessed at all ,combined with the bright treble the vocals can be very sibilant for some people ,including me , i overcome this by using two monster foam supertips on comply cores to eliminate the sibilance, however the gro7 is also very sibilant ,and although drums sounded very good , the treble plus the lack of mid/upper bass just sounded off to me , had the gro7 about 3...
Neither the w3 or any of the monsters or ie8 / hd650 sound much like the w4s sound signature !, All of those do have more prominent bass though .The westone 3 will give you the best clarity ,closest to the w4 out of the iem's but the others still  have very good clarity and micro details .   If you are sensitive to strong bright forceful treble than the tributes would be the better choice .  
Have you considered the Miles Davis Tributes , sound great with fantastic bass with the genres you listen to ,as does the hd650 , ie8 , mtpg  /mtpc 
The sm3 has really good vocals ,it is one of there strengths actually ,i think they would be perfect for your tastes in that regard but you said you are after something . more aggressive ,the treble on the sm3 is very polite , no veil but tingly and polite rather than sparkly and aggressive The treble on the w3 is in your face and very forceful and bright and bass on the w3 is mostly mid bass ,that is correct .
What makes you think the w3 has recessed mids ? , not to my ears they don't ! , the bass and treble lead the way but the mids are by no means recessed or lacking in any way .   The sm3 bass is a fuller much more dymanic driver sounding bass with a very good hitting power and also has good sub bass .The se535 bass , comes across as being rather bass light unless you can get a perfect fit ,even than it is not all that powerful ,although it has a fairly good sub bass...
Both the sm3 and se535 sound there most exciting when eq,ed ,but i enjoy the sm3 far more than the se530 for rock music ,and the sm3 is a very easy fit in the ear as apposed to the se535 which is really very hard to get to stay in position without sliding out my ears and is far less comfortable than the sm3.   If you want a more aggressive sound i would suggest you look at the westone 3 .
sm3 would indeed fill your needs best ,it still reigns as my favorite ba iem followed closely by the w4 
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