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I experimented with quite a few and landed on good ol' Shure olives (black foams). They're amazingly comfortable, provide a great seal, and really bring out the bass, in my experience.
FYI, I chose SM3 v2 and couldn't be more pleased. I've been blown away by how much more "complete" they are than my SE530's were. The mids are similarly lush, but the bass is MUCH better and the highs much more alive, while still being a bit laid back. I'll also say the soundstage is much larger and I find them to be a more engaging IEM overall.
I can't speak to the DT1350's but don't disagree that the mids on the GR07 fall just short of ideal.  Don't get me wrong, I REALLY like these IEMs, but I've probably been spoiled by the forward, silky mids of SE530's and SM3's. (But those are $400 range IEMs.) That said, I would not call the GR07 mids "recessed" by any means.  I find that overall sound sig to be pretty close to flat.  But the mids just aren't quite as forward as I'm used to.  But I will say, dollar for...
Just got a set brand new for $299 a couple of weeks back from Soundearphones.com via eBay.
Been playing around with tips for my new SM3 v2's and lo and behold these old castoffs from my SE530 accessory bag sound great. But what the heck are they? I don't remember buying them, so I wonder if they came with my old Shures. Anyone recognize these? I'd like to buy some more.
Thought I'd chime in here now that I've got a couple of weeks listening time on my new SM3 v2's. As a veteran of Shure SE530's, I figured the vaunted SM3 mids could not possibly be as sweet, right? Wrong! Wow, these are good! The beautiful thing is the sound is so darn balanced across the entire spectrum. Compared to the Shures, the SM3 bass is much more impactful and the highs are noticeably less rolled off (although still a tad laid back.). And as for soundstage, I...
There's NOTHING thin about the GR07's. Either you're used to ridiculously bassy sound sigs or you have a bad pair of GR07's or you have no idea how to get a decent seal.
OK, not as scary as some airplane moments can be, but I did have a weird moment today on my flight home. Halfway through the flight I whipped out my newish GR07's which I'm continuing to break in and am enjoying more everyday. But when I started listening I knew there was something wrong. The midrange had disappeared entirely and it was all low-end and sibilance. YIKES!!! What happened, I asked myself in panic. Double checked the tips, the seal, tried a different...
Finally thought I'd weigh in on the GR07's. Got them a week ago and have been pumping music through them almost continually to soften some initial slight harshness and sibilance. So...WOW! These are simply wonderful IEMs and a ridiculous value at $150 new. They replaced the SE530's I've had for a couple of years, and there's just no comparison. The GR07's are easily more spacious, detailed, and balanced. Plus, the bass is better and the highs actually exist. Don't get...
Dude, my point was that I'm already at 90%+ volume and figure I'm already pushing the player too hard. Your suggestion is to turn it up further??? I'm simply asking if others have the same issue, and trying to decide if I should just move to a more sensitive IEM, in spite of my initial affection for the Vsonic.
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