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Can't speak to the Duet, but I would disagree wholeheartedly with the 940 comparisons.   I've owned both.  While I enjoyed the 940s, the 1350s sound has much more body to it.  It's anchored by a stronger bass presence and the music is far less "thin" sounding.  It's possible they are making comparisons from a clarity standpoint, although even that is a stretch.  The 940s have a much "sharper" sound to them, but that's not always a good thing.  The 1350s have exceptional...
I'd love to try out the new version, bit it's pretty hard to justify given my current pair is pretty near perfect.
I loved the 940s, but just found them too thin-sounding at times.  The 1350s trumped them in the end.   Not to mention the fragile build-quality of the 940s.  Really a shame that their build quality seemed to get worse as the price went up.  The 840s seem pretty rock solid as far as durability goes.
Any particular recording of each of those?
No preference for instrument.   I'll just say that I prefer things that are haunting and somber or perhaps powerful as opposed to classical pieces that sound like deer frolicking in a field.   I recently attended the Nashville Symphonies performance of The Red Violin and enjoyed every second of it.
  I've really enjoyed it, but, admittedly, I haven't heard the other versions.
That is downright sexy.  Just sayin'.
Over a year later, yes.   I have since sold my 940s and moved on the the DT880s for home use and the DT1350s for use at work and on the road.     Nice to see this blast from the past resurrected, though.  
Orbiting, how often were you using your 1350s each day?  Just curious as I've had no problems whatsoever with mine.     I'm using mine about 1 - 1.5 hours every day at work and also use them on the weekend while mowing the yard.  Just wondering if you use yours a lot more than me or if you just got a shoddy pair for some reason.
When I was looking into buying the DT1350, I mentioned this to one of the head gurus at the USA branch of BD.  He claimed to have no knowledge of it and thanked me for the information.  Who knows.   I went ahead and bought a pair anyway and haven't regretted the purchase for a second.  So, I either got a good pair or my ears just suck.  Either way, I'm happy with 'em.   *shrug*
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