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Yazoo is the local hero.  They make good stuff.
 Smaller soundstage than well-modded HE-500s, but it's not a huge deal. The 400is will sound spacious if a track is recorded that way.  It certainly won't add anything artificial.  While it may sound a little in your face at times, instrument separation is good and I certainly wouldn't describe the sound as "congested". Better depth than width to my ears. I've found this is one area where amping actually can make a difference.  Going from the Asgard 1 to the Vali made the...
 Nice! We're definitely hanging out sometime.  
Ah, the SR80i.  My entry drug into this hobby.  I wouldn't mind hearing them again...
@MattTCG   Do you still have any of the materials you used for the 400i grill mod?  I'm not an upgrade guy, but this is one I'm still mulling over.
 The 500 is my last nagging doubt on the headphone side.  I really don't see myself spending $1000+ on a pair of headphones, which is what it'd take to get a significant upgrade over the 400i.   The 500s still haunt me, though, and if I sold the 400i it wouldn't take much (if any) cash to make the move.
Theo, add me and my gear:   Modi 2 Uber Vali HE-400i DT1350   Joe, this wedding news is tragic.  I had planned to hijack your HE-500s for the day!
 I've seen some good shows at Bridgestone.  Arcade Fire was the latest, and the sound was fine. Other great venues have simply ruined me and turned me into an overly picky music fan.  Especially for someone that I've already seen multiple times. But, having seen Clapton and a Led Zeppelin reunion show there means that the arena will always have some good memories for me.
 Yeah, I was bummed to miss that one last night. I've seen the Raconteurs three times, so decided to pass since I'm not a big fan of Bridgestone.  Hopefully I'll get another shot sometime.
 That one hurt bad.  
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